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Well it's actually been giving me problems for almost 18 months now, on and off - the machine first went tits up big style in Dec '13 and I've been trying to get it back to full working order ever since! I've had successes along the way and WU has worked intermittently in that time, but never for long, and installing or configuring updates always seems to be the sticking point and the thing that causes WU to stop working again, so whether SP1 is the root cause of the problems, or just a symptom of something else that's happened at some point while trying to update or remove malware or any other issue I don't know.  :undecided:

I tried resolving via this forum now as I've used the All in One Repair several times over this period, and because the new version which updated recently now does the pre-scan, which throws up several things that I haven't seen previously, and thought that Shane or some other forum wiz might be able to get to the bottom of  :artist:

All I know is the machine doesn't like installing anything from Microsoft, whether it be updates or Windows Live, although Office 365 went on fine earlier this year, and I can get the occasional update on via PortUp, but none using WU, and 3rd party software is usually ok...

I've perused the article you linked on fixing SP1 using the pnputil for 80070490, but my CBS log doesn't contain any references to "Failed uninstalling driver updates"; it contains plenty with the "0x80070490 – ERROR_NOT_FOUND" though, so I've pasted all these into the attached text file if this gives you anything to go on. I also couldn't find anything in the containing "Failed to find driver update" or "FAILURE(0x00000490)" so a missing driver update doesn't seem to be the culprit as this article suggests, thanks for finding it anyway, I'm willing to try anything that might be of help until the install disks arrive...  :smiley:

Ah well, it was just a thought!

Well none of the MS Fixits/troubleshooters or SURT have worked so far so if a repair install is the next option then it has to be worth a try, unless there's anything else out there that might effect a repair...

Or just a thought - could I get these SP backup files from the HP laptop with W7 SP1 x64 which i have access to? If pasted them into the correct location do you think this might allow the KB to either install or uninstall?

Argh, nooooo!  :cry:

Well after looking at the Dell website the factory reset is Definitely the last resort as this would mean losing everything on the PC and having to re-install it all from scratch again, programs, settings, etc etc..! Not to mention a huge backup job which also hasn't been done for ages..

So I guess I'll have to wait for the disks and try the offline SFC and then repair install if that's what you recommend..?

Checked my emails and there's nothing there other than the notifications. I did get one PM from you and replied to it but I don't know if you got my reply or not?

Yes, just tried the elevated command prompt method to uninstall SP1 and it gives the same error message (Element not found 80070490) as when trying to install!!  :confused:  so I can't install it Or uninstall it, jeez, back to the articles.... 

Well that's what I thought - all the other updates (which I looked at, I haven't checked every one!) have an option to uninstall, but this option disappears when I select SP1!  :confused:

Ok, ran disk cleanup as admin and found no bytes for Service Pack Backup files - I think they may have been deleted at some point when my HD got too full - is that a problem?

I'm still reading the articles you linked, not sure what to make of the entries in my CBS log really, it's been a long day.... :sleep:

Thanks for the info Boggin - SP1 wasn't pre-installed though - the machine was newly installed with W7 in 12/09 and SP1 was installed on the Updates list in 04/12 - so it IS on the list (Installed Updates, not Programs & Features) and I can find it, it just doesn't give an option to uninstall - does this mean that it can be installed if it came through Windows Updates or not if there's no option on the Control Panel WU page?

I'll have a read through the articles anyway and see if I can find what you're referring to and what actions I can take...

Oh, and I also re-ran the SFC scan as per your link and it ran ok - your version had a stray "Cannot" in which wasn't recognized. I've attached the list of [SR] things found as it might be a bit too long for a single post...

If Shane or yourself have any ideas on anything that's in there then by all means let me know  :smiley:

I've just had a look at the Installed Updates list and seen what options there are for SP1 (KB976932) and there don't appear to be any!!  :confused: All the normal updates have an option to uninstall, but SP1 doesn't, so no idea where to go from here, especially as it doesn't appear in the list of Programs and Features!...

Thanks Boggin - that's the page I was on, and that answers the questions of which file/s to install from that list of 10.

So, tried to run no. 9 after shutting all running programs and no dice - went to a Preparing your system box and then said Installation was not successful and threw up error Element not found (ERROR_NOT_FOUND 0x80070490) - I guess I now need to try uninstall it from the Installed Updates list before trying to install again - is that correct?

Ha, well it was from the link that You posted me yesterday!   :tongue: "From a couple of Google links regarding that WU error code, they suggest that SP1 hasn't been properly installed and downloading it again. "

Down this page there is a further link "Windows 7 Service Pack 1 download" ( which takes you to the actual download page, but doesn't give the supposed 'Continue' option or the choice of 32 or 64 bit!  :confused:

I have been on the other MS site you mention for software recovery but not entered my product key to go any further - is this the place I should be downloading the SP1 from and not the one you posted? I've actually downloaded all the other files - the iso and the 6 others with 64 in the name, should I discard these? I don't know which of them to install or if they should be in any particular order - I'm slightly lost now....  :undecided:

Okay, I hear what you're saying with all that Boggin - thanks!

A further question though, before I even get started downloading - I've gone to the instructions for installing W7 SP1 page you linked, and on there it says "1. Go to the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 download webpage on the Microsoft website, and then click Continue.

2. Choose either the 32-bit (x86) or the 64-bit (x64) version of SP1 depending on whether you're running the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of Windows 7, and then click Download."

When I click that link I don't see a "Continue" button or any option to choose 32 or 64-bit - just a big orange Download button!  :confused: When I click this it gives me a list of 10 possible files which I then have to choose which to select from - do you know which of these I should be selecting? It's not immediately obvious from the names (other than the x64 references on a few...)
List as follows:
1.   7601.17514.101119-1850_Update_Sp_Wave1-GRMSP1.1_DVD.iso
2.   Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.AMD64CHK.Symbols.msi
3.   Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.AMD64FRE.Symbols.msi
4.   Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.IA64CHK.Symbols.msi
5.   Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.IA64FRE.Symbols.msi
6.   Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.X86CHK.Symbols.msi
7.   Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.X86FRE.Symbols.msi
8.   windows6.1-KB976932-IA64.exe
9.   windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe
10.   windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe

Obviously 6, 7 & 10 are out, but which of the others do I need to select, or is it all?


Ok, well I've tried the SFC several times and it always says it's found corrupted files but was unable to fix some of them - the Findstr command you've quoted Boggin doesn't seem to do anything - is the syntax correct? It gave me the error "FINDSTR: Cannot open Cannot"! I've tried similar ones before and come up with huge lists from the CBS log which I've been unable to fathom, so I can always try this again and post it if you think it will help...

It's an OEM machine which came pre-installed so I've no installation disc  :sad: I do have access to an HP laptop with Win 7 SP1 if that helps? Or I can download the (7gig!!  :omg:) SP1 file from MS again if that's the route I should be going - will I need to uninstall SP1 first from the Installed Updates list or should I just try to reinstall it straight over the top (once I've spent several days downloading it!  :cry:)?

I think this would be worth trying before doing the repair install, as that looks like a whole Heap of work which I don't really have time for just now, and requires the installation discs which you've kindly offered to let me have access to, if required :smiley:

Thanks for the advice, but I'm still a little unclear as to the exact steps I should be taking here, so would appreciate your help (again)

(PS - I also don't know how to PM on this forum if we need to go down the installation discs route)

Hi Boggin - yes it does say Service Pack 1 on computer Properties, and looking down the Installed Updates list I can see a Service Pack (KB976932) installed on 23/04/12 - I presume this is SP1!? Although as we know, the fact that it's on the list doesn't necessarily mean that it's fully or properly installed!... :rolleyes:

I have come across this SP1 info before on my travels when looking up the error message and wondered about re-installing SP1, but don't really know what's involved or whether I'd need to uninstall and reinstall all the other Windows Updates since then as well  :thinking:

Also, I have considered a reset or repair install as well, but again I don't fully know what's involved or how to do it, or if it's really necessary. It would be my last resort I guess, if there's no alternative way to repair WU or Windows or SP1 while still in situ.

I'm still hoping Shane can come up with something to help - if not then I'd like to know the best way forward in a bit more detail, whether it be one of your suggestions or some other way....


Ok Shane, so we're going to try removing the suspect updates rather than replacing the 'missing' package files, well it's certainly worth a go and presumably far easier!

Soooo, I gave it a whirl, and unfortunately it's made No difference!  :sad: I ran the removal commands individually in an elevated DOS prompt, then I combined them into a batch file and ran them again with admin rights - both ways finished Very quickly (within a second or two), so I'm not sure how much they were actually doing, given that none of the 5 updates are now showing in the Installed Updates list.

Then did a power reset and booted into (normal mode) windows again. Turned the firewall off, disabled my AV, ended any non-essential running processes and ran your (newly-released!) All in One Repair again. Pre-scan turned out exactly as before with all the many package files still appearing, carried on to the repair section and ran that - a few errors appeared on the grey command box while running so that wasn't a good omen  :rolleyes: then rebooted after completion and tried WU again once connected to the network. Same old error message - update required to WU which then gives 80073701 when Install Now is clicked.

So bottom line is - No change. I also tried re-running the removal commands again, this time without any switches to see what was happening, and all of them gave the same error code and message 'Element not found' - indicating that the update is not there to be removed.

I'm guessing we're going to have to remove some registry keys or such now, seeing as the suspect updates aren't installed any more and replacing any 'missing' files is going to be a waste of time? Whatever, let me know what's required and we'll take it from there, cheers....  :confused:

Thanks Ruby.

I have tried this before, with little success, and also have a batch file with these commands in and several more which completely resets WU and re-registers all the dll's, and this hasn't worked either!  :rolleyes: I tried your suggestion again on the off-chance and once more it's had no visible effect on the WU process ie. same errors and lack of success.
On my machine it's "SoftwareDistribution" and "DataStore.edb" though rather than the SoftwareDownload and DataService you mentioned. This may well work on some systems, but mine's apparently too corrupted/screwed up for this to have any effect, never mind.  :sad:

Hopefully Shane or some other wiz will come back with something useful on the service packaging files replacement after the weekend hiatus...  :artist:

Oh, and a further bit of info which might be of use - I did a bit of digging through the Pre-scan log and found that ALL of the missing package files relate to only FIVE MS updates!  :omg: (2633952, 2522422, 2656373, 2859903 & 2524375)

My thought was to try and uninstall the relevant KB's and then re-install them directly from the MS download, but when I went to find them on the Installed Updates list only ONE of them was there!  :shocked:

I downloaded all the KB's anyway but when I tried to install the 4 'missing' ones they all said that 'This update is already installed on your computer'!  :confused: So even though they're not on the list, the WUSI thinks that they Are, presumably due to some registry presence/corruption. I uninstalled the only 'present' one (2656373) and rebooted, then tried to re-install it again, and now it says that the update is not applicable to my computer! Help, hope I've not made matters any worse - I've done the Pre-scan again and checked it and it appears to be the same as the 2 I've already sent, so the package files are still missing for that one even though I've supposedly uninstalled it....  :blank:

Cheers Shane. Yeah I thought it was a Long list as well!  :tongue:

The PC was second hand when I bought it 3 years ago, and owned by a young lad, so I'm not sure if it's history is great. Plus I did have some malware on it last year (which is now all clean) so there's a fair chance that could have messed with the packages/registry. There are other issues - an empty Windows Features box being one, but I thought I'd start with the package files and updates first as this seems like the biggest problem, it's addressed by your repair tool  :smiley: and fixing them may hopefully also solve some of the other issues!

I have tried running the SURT, several times (one of the many things I've gone through to try and put my machine right again!), and it seemed to fix things the first couple of times, but I'm not sure it is any more - I've run it again anyway as there's no harm in trying if it makes your life easier, so please find the latest Pre-scan log attached and see what you think... :undecided:

Ok, well my system appears to have a different number completely! There are 323 Total updates installed (the number at the bottom of the page), and scrolling through the different categories of updates 284 are Microsoft Windows updates.

When I last ran PortUp several days ago there were about 30 more Windows updates showing as requiring installation, dating from March 15 back to 2012! Not sure what any of these numbers mean or how complete they are so am looking forward to see what Shane has to say on it......  :sleep:

Thanks for the reply.

I have tried every setting in Windows Update that's available, and none of them work or make any difference! It won't even check for updates - I get an amber message saying I need to install an update to WU to be able to check for updates, then when I click Install Now it eventually gives me the red error message Unable to update 80073701, so that's not the issue. I can only hope that sorting out the missing service packaging files will correct the registry corruption and allow the updates to work.  :confused:

Anyway, the list of missing files and reparse point error from the Pre-scan Repair is attached, please let me know what to do from here...

Hi, for some time now I have had problems updating my Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Dell Inspiron One. I have tried numerous fixes and repairs (including the SURT and your own Windows Repair on several occasions), and nothing seems to work!  :angry:

I have tried your latest (v.3.1.2) All-in-one repair which checks the windows packages and reparse points etc, and it gives me a whole loooong list of missing files, and one missing default reparse point which I tick to repair but every time I rescan it goes "missing" again!
Is there a way or procedure to add all the missing files manually or via a script? When I try Windows own Update it returns error 80073701 which I believe is a corrupt registry error, and alternative update methods (direct MS download and installation, PatchMyPC, PortUp, APUP, etc..) don't work either, although occasionally I can get the odd update to install via PortUp, despite a growing number that just won't!  :cry:

Can anybody help please? If any more info is needed on anything let me know and I'll be more than happy to provide it...

Cheers, Tone

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