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General Computer Support / Re: I have problems with my PC
« on: August 10, 2014, 08:40:05 pm »
Sorry I have not responded in awhile. To be honest some days are better than others for me as I suffer from Depression and Anxiety. Anyway, To update anything that happened in the last few days, I have Itunes running since I got it running a few days ago. I can agree with jraju about all the installing and uninstalling of programs that who knows what program might have caused any problems. For now I am not going to do a system restore, because I have some apps running that are for surveys and I get payed for having them installed for a limited time( one is paying $200), about a month and of course I realize these type of Apps can possibly cause problems with my PC, but I had most of them installed awhile before having these problems. I did install CCCP seperately, but in MCP I did not see those decoders in the external filters, so not sure what is going on, could be who I downloaded CCCP from. It was from the page where I got MCP. I have the free version of MalwareBytes and it didn't just hang it started eating all of my memory until my system was so slow I had to restart. I will probably give Spybot search and destroy a try and for now get rid of MalwareBytes, even though it might leave traces of it, probably like most times you uninstall a program, but if it works better than it's worth it. I did get rid of Optimizer Pro. Scarsxp, would you recommend that I reinstall CCCP from the link you gave me, maybe it will install that over what I have installed now. For now I will not bother with combofix, maybe later if I have trouble with Spybot and I feel that it's likely that combofix wouldn't install because my antivirus program was blocking it. I might have to upgrade my IE soon enough as I hear Microsoft will stop giving support to any IE before IE11 in about a year and a half. This is from a newsletter I get, I think it's ZDnet. I did just a short time ago run Msconfig( I used to use that all the time before, for this reason when I had issues, thanks Boggin for reminding me about that) and actually found some programs that I know I deleted, but had a checkbox on the item, probably orphaned files like Boggin said. I unchecked a few others that might be conflicting with MCP, Divx was one. When I restart I will see what happens, if anything different. I just checked the link for CCCP from scarsxp and that's the one I used. WHEW! Alright, I am going to try some of these things mentioned, maybe tomorrow. Thanks again everybody.

General Computer Support / Re: I have problems with my PC
« on: August 07, 2014, 09:49:12 pm »
I couldn't find the external filters you mentioned scarsxp. The LAV audio and video decoder and Haali media splitter. There were a bunch of others including Real Player and Quicktime. After restarting again to force Malwarebytes to quit, everything seems mostly back to normal. For some reason I couldn't make Malwarebytes quit in the task manager, it was stuck or something. I wonder what other External Filters would help in MPC to view the videos. I do have Firefox, by the way and have had issues with that also at times, so I don't really use it. I will also mention that after the first restart from when I fixed Itunes my Avast antivirus showed me the adware programs that had caused me some issues and I removed them from there. That helped. I guess I have to decide about downloading combofix and the other programs or not. After the issues with Malwarebytes just now, not sure what I want to do.

General Computer Support / Re: I have problems with my PC
« on: August 07, 2014, 09:20:51 pm »
I did mention it in other posts. I tried to run it but had some issues, didn't try blocking my antivirus program to see if it would then let me install, maybe later I will try that.

General Computer Support / Re: I have problems with my PC
« on: August 07, 2014, 07:53:35 pm »
One of the solutions to fix Itunes on that site worked. Hooray! Got one. I was able to update Java which actually was weird. It just popped up after a restart to update and it worked. Chkdsk didn't find anything major, at least didn't mention it. Ran Malwarebytes again and seemed to ge to a point and get hung up. I was looking at the window and when I minimized it, it disappeared, but is still running in Task Manager and is really slowing my PC, but I got Itunes :cheesy:. Maybe tomorrow I will bother with the MPC program and video files, but kind of tired, so until then Thanks everyone for your help.

General Computer Support / Re: I have problems with my PC
« on: August 07, 2014, 05:22:40 pm »
Alright, latest update, I decided to run Malwarebytes again and it first needed to update, then while scanning it found alot of things, but alot if not all came after installing MPC, community Codec and this Optimizer Pro which I did not authorize, but I think that snuck in on one of the others downloads. Then Malwarebytes stopped for some reason and when I ran it again it said it had to download something, I forget what it was and then it needed a restart, but I said not to at the time because I was doing surveys that I do on a regular basis. I should mention in all of this I keep getting pop ups from the same sites and I know they are due to some adware that I even got rid of from the ad/remove programs, but is still doing it, so that slows things down. Hopefully after a restart Malwarebytes will fix things. I have MPC version 1.7.6. I am using Internet Explorer 9. I know it's outdated, but hate installing new versions of something and then have more problems. As far as chkdsk is concerned I never ran it,I did the check to see if it needed to be done. When I restart next time I will run it anyway. Some of the video files were WMV files and I tried changing a few to MPC files, but did not help. Some are AVI files, Flash and some are MPEG files. Some say Movie Clip. I had installed a program called DivX some time ago when Windows Media Player had problems, so a few show that icon and are DivX files and some have that icon but say AVI file. A few videos are Quicktime type. I do have Real Player and Quicktime installed by the way. That's quite a number of file types I know, but it's years of videos. As far as filters for MPC that are Quicktime or Real Media or anything else, where can I get that? Ok, now I am going to try that possible fix for Itunes in the registry like the link to the forum site says. I will update anything else later and Thanks again.

General Computer Support / Re: I have problems with my PC
« on: August 07, 2014, 03:40:09 pm »
I installed MPC and combined community codec and still some video files would not load. It would say can't render the file. I looked into virustotal and it checks files 64 MB or smaller, so I am not sure how it can scan Itunes. I have Many GB of music files, so that take a long while. There was an option to download something that would make it easier to check the files, but I didn't do that at least not yet. I had trouble trying to download Combofix, including ads popping up and when it was going to download I had to click on something that said if it doesn't start downloading automatically, click here. Then when it was installing it had an error about the integrity of something and would not install. Of course in between all of this my Avast Antivirus was saying, threat detected often enough and I had to allow the combofix program to start installing, because Avast said it's not a normally used file. In the end it wouldn't install because of what I said above. I did run across another program that downloaded with MPC, called PC utilities pro-Optimizer Pro. Anyone heard of it. It scanned my computer and found alot of stuff wrong including registry entries to clean and all sorts of other things that seem possible. Of course it's not free, but when I was leaving their page they offered me 50% off to buy the program. It would be $15. Not sure I should do it or not.

General Computer Support / Re: I have problems with my PC
« on: August 07, 2014, 01:43:51 pm »
Actually, I forgot to mention a few things and boggin and scarsxp reminded me. I did run Malwarebytes and it found nothing wrong. I ran it within the last month, maybe 2 weeks ago. I am using Avast for my anti virus. I know it might not be the best, but it does catch potential threats that I have seen. It will say threat has been detected and I see a pop up and it tells me that it blocked the attempt and I don't need to do anything. Anyway, they do have other programs that cost money, but do more than just Antivirus. Thanks for the info scarsxp on  MPC, I will try that and the Codec. Where do I find that program, I will try and Google it. As far as Itunes I use an Ipad and Ipod and I sync with Itunes alot and also use a peer to peer site to get music and it's easy to put into Itunes. Now would an Itunes alternative allow me to do this? I am going to try virustotal to see what that does with Itunes. I figure I don't need a Real Player alternative if I install MPC and that plays the video files I need to play. I am using Windows Firewall and it's set to block all programs that are not on the list of allowed programs and it's set to notify me when it blocks a program. Shane, I did the option on the Windows Repair v2.8.5 to see if I needed to run chkdsk and it said I did not unless that's not the same as what you said in your reply. I will look into combofix also. Just try one thing at a time. Let me know any other info you need or any other advice after giving you the info I just did. Thanks so much for what you have told me so far, it does help. I will let you know what happens after trying these things.

General Computer Support / I have problems with my PC
« on: August 06, 2014, 08:36:12 am »
I am not sure where to begin, so many issues. I have a Windows 7, SP1 PC. I believe it's 64 bit. It has the AMD phenom II 511 dual core processor. It's an HP s5730f model, in case you want to know.  Actually a few months ago Windows repair helped fix problems I was having, now I have some that are the same and some new ones, hope you can help. I will mention a tech expert initially, remotely went into my computer to fix the problems and couldn't and I was going to reformat my PC, but found Win Repair and that fixed those problems. That was a few months ago. At the present time I have tried running a program called PC scan and repair by reimage. It gets to a point after finding one piece of adware from Adobearm and mentions some programs that have recently crashed. It gets to checking the registry and then just hangs there for a long time until I abort. Anyway, to the most recent issues, First I am having trouble with Itunes. When I click on the Itunes icon I get this message: The registry settings used by the itunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall Itunes. On this I did a reinstall, even uninstalled completely and reinstalled. I have not installed other CD burning software. I thought of putting the registry to a time when it was working ok, but haven't yet. It will open Itunes, but I can't play any music. I click on a file and shows it as the song playing but nothing else. I have an issue with WMP. It says version 12.0.7601.17514. It says there is no updates for it. When I try to play anything I  get a message that says WMP encountered a problem while playing the file. Something similar happens with Real Player Cloud. Some video files RP will play, most it won't. It does play audio files, seems to be about the only thing that plays audio files, other than on the Internet. Up until recently I was able to update Java, not anymore, it opens the file and I click run and it just hangs. I have had problems updating Adobe Flash Player. As of now I haven't been told to update that, so I am not sure if I can update that if I needed to. QuickTime Player has an issue when I try to open any video file. I get an error message that says: Error 2048: Couldn't open the file(whatever file I am trying to open), because it is not a file that QuickTime understands. It opens audio files, but no sound comes out. I just tried getting help from A part of windows called the Action Center and reports on errors and such. It told me that it had a problem connecting to the Windows Error Reporting service. Some of the reports could not be uploaded and try again later. That's what I can think of at the moment. Any help would be appreciated.  David

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