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After many hours I managed to get a whole lot fixed about the dictionaries. Aren't I the greatest?! :-D  What finally did the trick was to remove those seemingly copied top 10 templates from the Word Startup folder and re-install the dictionaries. The dictionaries all function and the error messages in Word are gone (I'm soooo proud!) but I end up with 2 problems I can't solve. One is that the dictionary French-Dutch (F-N) doesn't open in Word, see attachment. I will translate the message: "The DDE link of the Van Dale Dictionary French-Dutch cannot be accomplished. In the dictionary the function Replace will not work. Original error: faulty procedure call or faulty argument." I'm sorry, this is jargon, so my translation might be wrong but hopefully you get the gist of it.

The second problem is more difficult. I had a lot of trouble removing the dictionaries German-Dutch and vice versa. I managed to do so but the macros in Word remained. I re-installed them anyway and they open in Start but they don't open in Word. Something goes wrong with their macros. The error message (2nd attachment) reads: "the macro cannot be found or is switched off because of macro security settings". How do I get rid of these macros when I delete them so re-installation can be fresh, so to speak. Do you know this, Shane?

Also, what is different with the German-Dutch and the French-Dutch dictionaries is that upon opening Windows ask for my permission for the program to make changes to my pc as the publisher is unknown. All the other dictionaries function normally in this respect.

The 3rd attachment shows the plug-ins in Word. Top left-hand corner. Nine images of all the dictionaries: Spanish, English, Dutch, German and French.

Phewww. Spent many hours on this now today. My eyes are SQUARED!  :( Hopefully you know about these things too, Shane.


I think you misunderstood. I used to get these closing down Errors in the Windows System Logfiles every time I had closed down the pc and nothing out of the ordinary happened, so even when no Blue Screen happened. I thought the messages were now gone, and they were, but only for one day, and now I get them again for every time I closed down the pc in a normal way. The pc is running pretty good now (hurray for your Windows Repair!), no more crashes or freezing or hanging on closing down. The problems remaining are these strange Error messages and the Word plug-in error messages and another thing: my keyboard sometimes gives different symbols than the key displays after typing a while, e.g. I want to type a question mark and I get =. This is gone after a reboot. This happened twice in the last few days.

I tried to uninstall the plug-in dictionaries but I cannot. It said there was no Uninstall file and that was correct, it was missing from the files. So I copied the Uninst.isu file from my backup on one of my external HDs, but it still doesn't work. It says that there's still an application running in Office, but I have closed down Word and it keeps giving this message. And I have great trouble ending this task via the Task Manager. And then this Uninstall file that I copied back in is gone again. ?? Did this three times. I guess this means these dictionary files are really corrupted. I have a full backup on my external HDs. How do I go about deleting and re-installing them? The weird thing is that the dictionaries themselves DO work perfectly, in Word and in general when I'm writing something. You can see examples of them in the PNG file that I attached earlier, on the taskbar, the blue squares N-E and E-N.

A small thing: I ticked off the notification of replies here, but didn't get any so far. :S


Oh dear, I spoke too soon. Saw an Error about unexpectedly closing down again, about last night....   :sad:
The odd thing is, there was such an Error eventlog every time I closed the pc down and there wasn't any on the 20th. I don't understand why it returned. Do you have any idea what's going on there?

Sorry, Shane, lots of questions. :S

I enclose a screenshot of the Eventlog. It's in Dutch. Ask me what it means in case you wanna know more. That's why I also enclose the XML details. Maybe that gives you some info.

Thanks so much, Shane, for your quick response!

Excuse me for not translating the error messages. I presumed you to be savvy enough to know what they meant.  :cheesy: The good news is that I got a light bulb moment just now.  I think I know what these templates are about. Actually these are not about templates rather than plug-ins, if that is the right word in English. [In Word > Options for Word > in the left pane it's the third word from below :S.] Plug-ins for my digital dictionary programs that I linked to Word. In the start folder of Word [C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\Start] the top 10 files were shown in the error messages. I hope you're still with me, haha. My educated guess is that these files were corrupted and that I can fix this by just re-installing my dictionaries instead of the whole Word program. What do you think? That would save me a LOT of time and effort! But check out my screenshot of this startup folder. It could just as well be that these files were duplicated and corrupted. The top half of them are all listed on October 17. That's odd. I had a crash on the 17th according to the log files (bug control), but I see no report of it in the Minidump file. But maybe I can just delete those top 10 from the Start folder to solve this? What do you think?

Two more questions, if you please, Shane. One: the way you describe the corrupted sectors of my drive makes me feel like my pc is, or was, in a very bad state. Do you think that's true and would your Windows Repair really have fixed all of that? In other words, a total re-installation of Windows is not necessary anymore?

Secondly, can you confirm my theory about the external harddisk that went cuckoo being a possible cause for so much software damage? I'd like to know why this brand-new pc gave me sooooo much trouble. :S

Have to tell you some good news I JUST found out!! In the Windows system log files I used to find Errors every time I had closed down the pc in the normal way, saying that the system had closed down unexpectedly. I knew this was bad. I did the Windows Repair on the 17th and from the 20th onward there have been no such Errors anymore!! Is this cause for celebration or what?!  :cheesy:

A possibly very happy Lady

Hi Shane, first of all: a BIG THANK YOU for making the repair program! I'm trying SO hard to avoid a re-installation. Getting all the programs and settings right again is a nightmare. I used to read books in my free time..... But it's so good to see that there are people who are willing to HELP others. Wonderful!

Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft Office 2007

I did the repair program because all sorts of things had been going wrong since I bought this new pc a year ago, the worst being Blue Screens and freezing and often hanging on closing down. I'm not an IT person (although I know a lot by now, esp. for a girl, haha), but my feeling was that an old external harddisk was not in its right mind anymore (it was often running and doing something for hours without any order on my part) and that this corrupted HD had damaged software in the pc. So I threw that one away and bought a new one. On a computer forum they helped me tremendously but to no avail and then they gave me this suggestion. I did the repair a few days ago and so far so good, but I have a new problem. When I open Word I get error messages regarding templates. I have no idea what these templates are about and whether I need them or not. I tried to get them back into the game by checking them again, but nothing happens. I'll send screenshots along. I get the same two error messages (screenshot 1 and 2) for the first 10 templates in screenshot 3 that are unchecked.

Hope you can help me out with this.

Kind regards,

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