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Hi all.

I have an Ati Radeon HD5770 display adapter that I have been trying to uninstall in order to reinstall it fresh, since the current installation has got corrupted.

Every time when I try to uninstall it, it eventually goes to BSOD. I have tried uninstalling it in Safe Mode but the result is the same.

Then when I have used AMD UNINSTALLER (or whatever the name was) to completely uninstall all AMD services, then the display drivers also get uninstalled but it also uninstalls some other AMD software that at some extent screw up some parts of my Windows installation.

Also, no matter what uninstallation method I use, then when trying to reinstall the CATALYST CONTROL CENTER ie the display drivers, then they will NOT get installed at all. It says that "installation succesful" but all the earlier times that I have installed these drivers it immediately kind of updates my view (I have 2 displays connected to my display adapter) so that I immediately have both my displays enabled without the reboot (they show kind of an extended desktop view, so that my complete resolution is 3840X1280).

But now even after reboot, the graphics do not work and Catalyst Control Center is unavailable, so the driver installation is not successful.

I have also tried manually removing all the possible entries of ATI RADEON from Registry and from C: and D: drives (I have my user account re-mapped to D:\Users\Tommi because it's a lot faster RAID 0 hard drive).

Whatever I have tried, it seems like the eralier driver uninstallation is "somewhat" successful since Device Manager shows only Generic Display Driver but still I am unable to reinstall the correct drivers. If I select from Device Manager to Scan For Hardware Updates, it finds the ATI HD5770 adapter and sometimes even seems to be able to install it automatically using Windows Update database, but drivers still are NOT REALLY INSTALLED since the Device Manager shows now HD 5770 under Graphics/Display but it has an exclamation mark or something like that in the adapter name.

Now trying to uninstall it from there and selecting "delete the drivers etc..." doesn't help. I have tried pretty much everything but AMD display drivers seem to be hidden and partially remain installed since the reinstallation never goes successfully through. So I have had to restore my working installation from my Acronis backup vault.

I'm pretty much done trying now myself, since I'm bored to ALWAYS having to restore my PC from backup and waiting for tens of minutes and starting all over again.

So do any of You gurus have a working and kind of an "ultimate" way to COMPLETELY UNINSTALL MY ATI RADEON HD5770 display drivers first without getting BSOD and being able to reinstall the newest drivers?

Thanks for any help!!

Hello everyone and Shane.

So I have previously uninstalled the Win 7 x64 SP1 Ultimate's MEDIA FEATURES through "Turn Windows Features On or Off" and now I want that feature back (ie. its 3 'sub-features' MediaCenter, WindowsMediaPlayer and MediaPlayback. Unfortunately, Windows gives me an error and the installation failed. I am the Administrator of my PC – I use the original admin account :) I have all the Win updates installed, also for other software, hardware etc.

I also tried to ENABLE those three features via DISM and it failed with error-code 1603. Command Prompt copy/paste is below (MediaPlayback has to be enabled first).

C:\Windows\System32>DISM /online /enable-feature /featurename:MediaPlayback

Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 6.1.7600.16385

Image Version: 6.1.7601.23403

Enabling feature(s)

Error: 1603

Fatal error during installation.

The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log

The initially clean DISM log file is attached. It is total Hebrew to me so I hope You could help me out.

Is something missing or misconfigured on my PC? I must say that my SERVICES are NOT set to default start-up and I have done tons of things to tweak my PC so I might have broken something by accident.

Hope You could help me out!

And a HUGE THANK YOU for making this software!


General Computer Support / Reparse Points NOT fixed
« on: September 16, 2015, 02:57:29 am »
I have the version 3.5.1 on my Windows 7 x64 and I have Windows installed on drive C and all the user profiles etc. etc. on drive D. So I used this tool to pre-scan my file system for problems - and there were 31 false Reparse Points. This is a magnificent tool so a HUGE THANK YOU for this but however it could NOT repair my Reparse Points :( No matter how I tried to fix them.

If You need more info on this matter then please mail me (plus post here, of course) to: [email protected].


Well, bare me - I might be really stupid or something - but this Pre-Scan function is somewhat confusing me.

First off, I'll mention the most important thing, that my Reparse Points are NOT fixed. As You might have read from my other posts, I do have my Users Profiles directory on drive D instead of drive C. I'm not sure if that's reason for that, since I must confess that I don't know 100% surely what the Reparse Points even are. My best guess is that they are some kind of a logic "shortcuts" to the real folders by old Windows based names or whatever.. I really don't know.

1. But anyway, when I click REPAIR REPARSE POINTS > SCAN..., it does find "Missing Default Reparse Point" 's. Then, when I click "Repair Selected" it seems to at least try to fix them and it doesn't show any error, but when I run the scan again, those same missing reparse points are STILL found. And also it tells me that it has found 31 reparse points, but the list of those points to be fixed is much, much longer (some 80-90 items).

2. Also the Repair Environment Variables is shady to me. When clicked directly, it doesn't seem to do anything. Even if I first click Start Scan (I guess it scans both Reparse points and Env Variables or does it? Or what?) then the Env Variables section has all kinds of buttons but it's totally unclear to me whether it has found some errors on those or not. And how to run any fixes (if there even are any) since the data on both sides of different paths' sub-windows are exactly the same.

3. Shouldn't there be ONLY an option START SCAN under the Pre-Scan section? And then if it finds anything then just select what to fix?

4. Also if and when I first click either one of those REPAIR buttons then there is no way getting back to the "original" Pre-Scan window. I don't know, I just find it strange.

Anyway, what I would do is to simply have ONE BUTTON named START SCAN and nothing more on that initial Pre-Scan window. And whatever it scans then the next window would have the results displayed clearly. And all the repairs would be easy to do on one go.

OK, tell me what You think. Thanks for the otherwise magnificent tool!

Feedback & Suggestions / System File Checker fix (Windows 7)
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:37:48 am »

What would be nice is the SFC fixer, since it seems to be quite common since last May (2015) that due to some Windows Updates the System File Checker finds some corrupted files and is unable to fix them.

I have tried in Safe Mode, by booting from the Repair Disk and Windows 7 DVD and running the tool in zillion ways but I cannot seem to fix those corrupted files. I have also tried this avaibale SFCFix.exe from Internet. No success.

I could use "re-installing" Windows 7 as System Upgrade, but since I have my User Profiles on drive D, then that solution is not possible. I have googled like crazy and tried dancing Hulabaloo around my PC but without success.

Since there is this SFC checker function available in this tool, there should be some kind of a sophisticated operation which could check the conflicting Win Updates etc. etc. and being able to solve this annoying issue in ALL KINDS of possible situations and Windows configurations. Maybe by submitting the log file or however.

I know it must be a major coding challenge to achieve but this is so damn difficult to be fixed manually that it would be absolutely great addition to this tool.

Thank You for this tool so far!

Hi there! And THANK YOU for a great tool, and unselfish attitude about distributing it freely. I really - I mean REALLY - WILL purchase the PRO version after this tool gets perfect ;)

So, I have a serious problem about setting files/folders permissions & owners throughout my Windows 7 environment in USERS PROFILES directories;;

You see; I have my USERS PROFILES directories on drive D instead of the drive C, where Windows 7 is installed. I have used this profile relocator tool in order to deliberately have my User Profiles on my faster RAID0-hard drive set. OK, I don't want to talk about the reasons one minute longer; I just have a good reason for this and that's it ;)

So as I have pretty much screwed up the NTFS permissions for the D:\Users directory + subdirectories (I once messed that up while drinking Alcohol so... yeah..) and when running this SET DEFAULT FILES/FOLDERS PERMISSIONS operation, it completely messes up with my Users-profiles directory and subdirs' permissions and Ownerships, since it doesn't "see" that my Users Profiles actually are located on drive D.

So even if my case must be really a rare and special one, I still would expect this tool to utilize these system variables etc. in order to access USER PROFILES folders, and NOT just assume that they "of course" must be on the drive C.

Currently all the system profiles get "un-system'ed" and they become visible + there must be all kinds of false settings (at least not optimized) on the User Profile directories.

Moreover, I'm not sure if this tool recognizes (when profiles reside on drive C) all the special User Profiles directories - also those which are present in Win 7 for backwards compatibility. Meaning these "all users", "default user" etc. etc. and those naturally should be possible to be set properly also on - in my case - to the profile dirs on my drive D.

Anyway, the bottom-line is that I really hate having my Users Profiles dirs system files/folders + all the rests' permissions and ownerships screwed up. I have tried to lurk from another Win 7 machine about all the permissions but frankly that's SOOO INHUMAN project that I'll never get it right manually. So I would really love the feature of settings the default permissions for User dirs/files/profiles when they reside on behind another drive letter instead of C.

Otherwise this tool is pretty damn magnificent. A huuuuuge thank You for it!

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