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General Computer Support / Re: Problem with Windows 7 Updates
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:51:33 pm »
Thanks for your responses.
To Boggin, I ran the repair program last evening after updating to the most recent version with no improvement. There was one small problem in pre-scan that the program fixed and there were issues running chkdsk that were also fixed. I also tried to download the Windows Agent but it came up with a message I'd never seen before. Something about the installer having an unrecoverable error.
To Julian, if you think it's important I can run the prescan again. Is there a log somewhere that I can send you?
To jraju, thanks for your comments.I did run the repair tool last evening but the module installer still will not start.

There is a Microsoft fix that I would appreciate your opinion on. Given the number of users that have this problem, it amazes me that MS cannot write an automated program fix for this. I can follow instructions as well as anybody but the permissions part in the middle I have no experience with. That said, from what I've read, this file is key to the module installer working. Any further thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks all.

General Computer Support / Problem with Windows 7 Updates
« on: April 11, 2016, 02:37:41 pm »
Thanks for everyone's time.
Basics: Lenovo 410 laptop, originally came with Vista but installed legit copy Windows 7 from purchased disc last December.
Problem(s): After installing Windows 7 began having problems downloading updates. Eventually lost all updating and all update history.
Symptoms: Fails to download updates error 80080005
                   scn dsc fails resource protection won't start the repair
                   start trusted installer fails error 126
                   module installer cannot find file error 126
                   Widows will not update IE from 8 to 11
                   Windows 7 will not update to Windows 10 - won't download prerequisites
Attempted fixes: Tried every fix I could find in MS solutions, Windows Fixes and various blogs except for recreating the missing registry key. Not a techie so afraid of doing more damage. Purchased and ran Tweaking Pro Windows repair but no change. Have been manually downloading updates from WSUS Offline but no change there either.
Status: Everything else seems to work fine on the laptop.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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