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Ah!  Will do.  Between this svchost.exe excess cycles and the newly DARK screen problem, I'm hesitant to press the Power Button!!!  Golly, gee whiz!!!!!!!!!!  I've got the White Collar Windows 7 Enterprise!  I've maintained this little sucker of a laptop and STILL I get this "crap"~!   Good grief, Charlie Brown.  Apple's looking pretty good, right now.....................

ALL of that is prior problems.   All are set properly.  This is suddenly upon me!!!!!!!!!!!!   Without warning; without changing any settings; without Bill Gates saying "HEY, Bubba!"

Acer 5517;  Windows 7 Enterprise x64;  4 GB RAM;  No Driver updates since Jan/Feb this year;

This is really upsetting:  the LCD screen will go DARK without warning and without reason.  Normally, I use the Fn:F6 combination to darken the screen between sessions.  This morning, 5/28/14, during boot, the screen went DARK without prompting.  I have had to use the Fn:F6 combination repeatedly since then, all morning to get back the "back-light" of the LCD.  It happens, as I've noticed, when I start a major program (Chrome, et al) 

I have checked the "Power Settings" and it is set to never go DARK and never Sleep without a command. 

I can't find the actual "driver" or program that controls this.  I've never encountered this before and it is kind'a scary. 

I "have a feeling" that it is software and NOT hardware causing the new problem.  Any ideas or concepts?


If the Driver was updated, it was accomplished without my permission!!  ~Ha~!

I use IObit's Driver Booster and have not had a download since Jan/Feb this year.  It only acknowledges certified-by-M$ Drivers. 

Question:  Will the existing Driver be retained on the HDD when I install the "older" Driver?  I would like the option of having the existing Driver handy if I need to re-install it, for some reason. 

Shane, I'm really curious as to what solved the Windows Firewall problem, here.  I read all two pages and suddenly the problem was solved.  What was it?  Is there a lesson for us all or a singular occurrence?  Just trying to learn a little something along the way.... ~ha~!

I checked the Update Driver button and it told me that I had the latest version.  The wireless network is seemingly working just fine and dandy. 

The computer is an ACER 5517 (Single Core AMD CPU). 

This 100% clock problem at boot and at various other times during the day is a NEW occurrence several months after installing Win 7 Enterprise x64.   

svchost.exe" Variant 1140279 is what is using the CPU time.  This .exe has about 7 Windows programs it services.  Thank goodness for my System Explorer.  At least it lets me see a little bit about what is happening at the time.

Oh!  I'm a Viet Nam veteran and I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day/Weekend of good memories.

One thing looks like you forgot to say is what version you are running. Is it 32 bit or 64 bit.

64  Windows 7 Enterprise.  New install w/i 2 months.

This hasn't been "solved", as yet.  I'm still looking for a solution and the newest driver.  Task Manager says I have the latest Driver version!?!  This problem exists only at boot and just beyond.  The rest of the operation period is without hindrance.  The wireless network  works well and has no other visible problems.  Have you found a newer Driver for Networks or, perhaps, a newer version of SVCHOST.exe?  Thanks!!

Broadcom 802.11G Network Adapter
Date: 5/8/12

"svchost.exe" Variant 1140279

Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Microsoft Corporation
Host Process for Windows Services
Operating System:
Windows 7
February 15, 2010
High oc2

Howdy, Shane.  I have a long boot because of svchost.exe, seemingly because of the WIFI network svchost.exe.  I'm running Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.  4 GB RAM. 

System Explorer tells me that svchost.exe (of which there are MANY within Windows!) is utilizing near 100% CPU cycles at boot,.  It is taking "forever" to get ready to use.  Here's a clue:  When I "disconnect" from the wireless network and connect to another wireless network within my area, I get the very same svchost.exe utilizing near 100% CPU cycles for 4 to 5 minutes at a time.  This has been a very recent occurrence and is out of the ordinary.  My "System Explorer" tells me nothing more than what I've conveyed.  I'm perplexed and kind'a frustrated that I can't figure out the cause of it!

I've run all the tests, et al,  from Windows Repair and can't seem to get a "feel" for the solution.  Any ideas?

Bubba Euler

This is cool!!!  I solved this myself.   I went to Control Panel/Devices and Printers.  I "right clicked" on Devices and "left clicked" the "Troubleshoot" listed (near the bottom along with "Properties").  It ran a short program and found that the Webcam was not running and offered to Fix It by turning it ON.  I un-installed and then re-installed the software I downloaded from Acer. 

It works, again!

I hope this helps someone else who might be having a similar problem.

Bubba Euler :smiley:

Specs:  Acer Aspire 5517; Windows 7 HP, X64, SP1; 

The Webcam, built-in to the laptop, has worked well until recently.  Now, the Acer-provided application (Acer/SuYin v. application) can not find the Webcam.  I did make sure that the Global Settings of Flash (Adobe) were OK, or at least normal, as I remember them.

Any suggestions as to the direction I should pursue?  The driver says it is operating properly. 

Bubba Euler

38 Support & Help / Re: New Registry Backup Setup file
« on: September 03, 2013, 05:33:47 am »
Yes!  Thank you, Shane.  I "white-listed" the False-Positive, then installed your Registry Backup.  I then used it and had no problems at all.  I will send the file to Advanced System Care (IObit) and Bit Defender for analysis.  My initial post included the file name of the supposed Trojan.

Oh!  As a follow-up to a previous Windows Restore problem which neither of us could explain or resolve, suddenly the Windows System Restore is back to working properly!?!  Poof!  I can't explain why.  All I know is that the problem of excessive HDD access by the System Restore, when a Restore Point was created, no longer exists.  I now have multiple Restore Points with little to no HDD access during System Idle time.  I can not do without having your "Drive Speedometer" installed!!!!  I feel more knowledgeable and in control of my computer by its mere presence.

Thanks for your help and guidance. 

Bubba Euler

39 Support & Help / New Registry Backup Setup file
« on: August 31, 2013, 06:47:46 am »
I downloaded, at, your new Registry Backup Setup file.  My Advanced System Care (IObit) (Bit Defender A/V) indicated a Trojan called: variant.Symmi.15697.  Is it part of the software and safe, or is it something that should be avoided?


Bubba Euler  :thinking:

Uninstalled .NET Framework, re-booted and ran Windows Update.  All went well.  Started the System Restore and set a Restore Point.  Opened ResMon and watched PID 4.  Same old symptoms occurred:  98 - 100% Disc activity from PID 4 lasting ~20 seconds every ~60 seconds!


Thank you for the downloads.  At least we know that .NET Framework is good-to-go. 

If you happen to think of another possible remedy, please let me know.


Bubba Euler

Thank you, Shane!  That's easier than I expected.  Here's hoping that this will do the trick. 

Bubba Euler

Shane, the .NET Repair didn't help.  I'm wanting to try the uninstall .NET and re-install .NET, but I don't know the first thing about where to get the file(s) needed nor how to install 'em when I get  'em!  Ha!  I'll do a little research today. 


Bubba Euler

Shane, today I ran both chkdsk and SFC /f /r.  I copied the CBS Log and have attached it, along with some JPEG's of ResMon's of System Restore running and not running.  I hope this'll help you in the Beta creation of Repair System Restore.

There is no help out there for this problem, that I've found. 

Bubba Euler

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: If only I knew ! ! !
« on: April 27, 2013, 12:01:15 pm »
Just out of curiosity, what "tool" was it that you used to repair the BSOD?

Bubba Euler

Feedback & Suggestions / Registry Compressor (portable) is Great tool
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:58:53 am »
 :smiley:  Shane, again, Thanks! for a wonderful tool to keep our computers clean and mean.  I just used the Reg Compressor in portable version.  The re-boot, after the Reg Compressor did its thing, was way-faster than it has been in a long time.  Woo-Hoo!

Bubba Euler

btw:  Still looking for a solution for my System Restore problem(s).  M$ doesn't even acknowledge my blog entries; they tell me to go to the professional blog site and register there.  Ha! 

Well, just for the sake of "saying so", I am using and truely like Advanced System Care 6 (free, too). 

I've used earlier versions of AVAST and liked the lean/mean approach they use.

Bubba Euler

I like and also, as a backup,  Have fun!

Bubba Euler

Howdy!, Y'all.  Yes, I'm from Texas.

I'm going to attach a JPEG of my ResMon.exe showing what happens while a System Restore Point has been created and in normal mode.  In Safe Mode, the System Restore only addresses one (1) System Volume Information file. 

Notice that there are at least three (3) SVI files being addressed. 

This problem is slowing my computer to a stand-still.  I've done every other thing that has been listed, thus far, to no avail. 


Addendum:  I downloaded the newest Windows Repair Portable and ran the Beta System Restore again.  I carefully watched Resmon.exe after running the Beta.  Very quickly, the PID 4 filled-up with multiple System Information files, into the middle teens, if not twenties.  The vast number of them and their changing position made exact numbering difficult/impossible.   Only two were being written-to, at any one time.  Some of them were being read concurrently.  I hope this bit of additional information helps in the decoding and solution to this weird Windows 7 anomoly.

Bubba Jack

It may be as "simple" as re-installing Window$ 7 x 64.  Ha!  I'll keep trying different things and searching the net for potential solutions.  If and/or when I find "it", I'll definately notify you.  Thanks for your concern and assistance to me.  EVERYTIME I ask you for help, I learn something new and enlightening.  And, I know how desireous you are to help all of us!  God bless you and your family, Shane!

Bubba Jack

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