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I'm also noticing an aprox. 50 second period of normal disk activity using Speedometer.  During the last ~10 seconds, the HDD R/W goes upwards to between 9 and 11 MB/s.  This corresponds with what I see on the ResMon.

Turned off A/V and Set a Restore Point.  ResMon.exe shows 10 - 12  SVI files, all but one of which are Normal I/O Priority.  Disk access is 95 to 100%.  SVI is almost always the top Write (B/s) file.  Otherwise, Pagefile.sys is the winner.

Nope, but I'll do it, right now!  I use the IObit's ASC Ultimate 6 (Pro) as A/V scanner.

"No items found that satisfy the query.".  Oh! System Restore is off, right now.

Desktop previous versions is empty.  There are two Desktop files:  one under Administrator and the other under the name of the Computer, both of which are administrators.

Same PID (4) in all cases:  Normal/Background/SafeMode/all Volume System Information files.  Again, in Safe Mode, only one VSI is running and is accessed rarely by the System.

Bubba Jack

57 Support & Help / Re: A file called Program after repairs.
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:26:48 am »
yes!  This happened to me, as well.  I was asked to rename it Program1, which I did, and later found the file empty, on C:\.

I'll just delete the file and download the new version when it's available!

Thanks Shane. 

Make sure to post in the right section bud :-)

There is something messed up with your system restore that is for sure. The repair right now is just aimed at getting restore working. Have you tried to see how it does if you run it windows in safe mode for a while?


Started in Safe Mode:  System Restore worked normally!?!  The Resmon.exe showed 0 to 10% from PID 4 at random intervals.  The list showed only ONE Volume System Information file (except initially when there were three total, the other two with lesser access went away and never returned while I monitored it). 

Hope this helps you determine how System Restore works internally.

Bubba Jack

I haven't yet, but I will do it today after I get my work done.  I do enjoy troubleshooting.  I learn so much about my computer and get satisfaction from a successful tweak!


Bubba Jack

Shane, I was anxious to try the new Windows Repair Beta section.  I thought it was :confused: OK for a while.  I watched Resource Monitor PID 4 and saw it start to eat up the HDD time-wise:  near 100% nearly all the time.  I think it stange that the list in the bottom section in Res Mon shows many / multiple Volume System Information files being read both Background and Normal at the same time.  Hmmm?  I wish I could figure out what's going on in there.  Ha!!!

Howdy, Shane!  Always good to hear from you!!  I might have information you have not seen (unlikely, but worth proffering).

{Oh, and System Restore is back to its old tricks: 90-100% of disc access after setting a System Restore point}  oh, well......

Yes, S.M.A.R.T.  has indicated that my WD2500BEVT is near the end-of-its-life.  Being the geek want-to-be that I am, I ventured to Western Digital's site and researched the archives for Reapportioned Sectors, et al. 

Lo and behold, (KJV c.1690) I found that S.M.A.R.T., according to WD, is not ubiquitous for their drives;  i.e., They (WD) provide a testing software specifically for WD drives: Data LifeGuard Diagnostic for Windows which took 1-1/4 hours to complete, but told me that my HDD PASSED their rigorous tests

I have full backup and M$ Windows 7 HP disk, just in case.  I'm hoping to learn from this experience and pass along any information I find along the way for others who may also have the same/similar circustances.

BTW:  What IS with M$'s System restore?  It is a disk hog and is not acting like it did when initially installed.  Has M$ responded or is there a blog or tech site which is covering this anomoly?

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!

Bubba (Jack) Euler

Wow!  CHKDSK /r /f did the trick!!!! 
I have attached a screenshot of resmon after having started System Restore and having run the CHKDSK /r /f.  Look at that disc access!  I believe that my computer is back-to-normal!!! (well, as normal as a M$ computer can be - Ha!)


I did so much research and NEVER saw this command in any blog or company help site.  I am so very grateful to you for this assistance and invaluable knowledge! 

I do appologize for having placed my postings in the incorrect section of your site.  I'll be more cognizant the next time, whether it is good news or bad news. 

It is so sweet watching the Disk Annunciator, as I write this, and seeing more "dark" than "light". 

I will contribute when my Social Security is deposited, hopefully Monday.  I've never used PayPal and will have another lesson in on-line banking...Ha!

Again, THANK YOU, SHANE for all you do for us.  I am smiling, right now, because of you and your care and concern and TIME you spend for us!

With great respect and graditude,

Bubba Euler

SFC text of only Windows Repair of files

ResMon #1

CBS.log attachment

I have attached 4 (four) files to this missive.  If they do not get to you, let me know. 

SCNDSK and SFC /f show NO damage to Windows files.  System Restore is going crasy with disc access.  I have performed multiple SKNDSK, as well as sfc /f.  Abolutely no errors ('cept the stuff I deleted, as seen in the attached files). 

There is something WRONG w/i Windows 7 HP X64 that is causing System Restore to be a disk HOG!

According to the multiple blogs I've read, many, many people are experiencing the same thing.  Your System Restore repair did not work for me and I'm sure that M$ is not telling all it knows.

I hope and trust that these files will lead us/you into the correction zone.  (end zone - it is SuperBowl weekend)  HA!

I hope that this will lead to a better understanding of the Windows System Restore and its hidden "assets".

Thank you, Shane, and look forward to working with you on this little skirmish w/i M$ and Windows 7 x64.


Bubba Euler

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Windows Repair Success
« on: February 01, 2013, 02:02:23 pm »
Shane is the penultimate go-to expert in windows (small w is purposeful), at least as far as I'm concerned.  I direct all of my friends to for answers; as well  as, with whom he is well regarded and referenced on a regular basis.  Thank you, Shane~! :smiley:

Feedback & Suggestions / Just a simple "Thank you!" for...
« on: January 26, 2013, 11:15:11 am »
Drive Speedometer!!!!   I couldn't do without it, now.   It really fun and educational to watch the R/W action of the HDD, right there on the top of my desktop. 

Again, thank you, Shane, and please know that all of us appreciate your expertise and desire to help us!

Bubba Euler  :cheesy:

Good Morning, Willie2!  Well, I think I've found the REAL problem.  S.M.A.R.T. has informed me that I have limited life left in my HHD due to too many Reapportioned Sectors.  I have located a new, in the box, identical drive at a local store.  My old HDD has had no errors over the years, yet this has suddenly occurred.  Ha!

I hope that I will be able to Clone the old HDD onto the new HDD before it crashes.

Golly, I hope that THIS will take care of my System Restore problem.  I don't want to re-scan using Reimage for fear that it might cause a crash.

Thanks for your offer of assistance and I'll see you all on the other side...hopefully!?!

Bubba Euler

I do know that when I have recently installed a Driver or two, the installer will ask if I want a Restore Point, which is cogent, I trust.  It then begins the incessant HDD R/W cycle again. 

I downloaded Reimage and ran the scan.  It showed that SR and System files plus a few others needed to be replaced/repaired.  At $70.00, I declined but maybe I can get it done down the road some....?

If System Restore is turned off and all SR Points are deleted, then restarted without creating a Restore Point, the HDD is happy.  But no back up is occurring, either; Well, seemingly not!?1

Safe Mode works the same, too.  It'll create a Restore Point, then start to accessing the HDD on a constant basis.  The Beta Repair did change the access timing a little.  Prior to the Beta run, SR would be constantly at 90-100% HDD time with multi System Volume Information files being accessed at either Normal or Background Mode(s).   See Reply #4 for how it's responding now.  It still has multi Sys Vol Info files, though.

Well, I found and ran the Beta System Restore repair on the 1.9.4. version of Windows Repair.  It did no harm!  Ha!!!

I then turned System Restore back on and created a Restore Point, which it told me was performed properly.  I then started resmon.exe and watched System  PID 4 and again the same symptoms:

15 seconds of bursts of R/W showing ~10 to 13 MB/s, each.
These bursts cause between 96 and 100 % of Disc Usage (time)
After that, there is a wait time of between 35 to 45 seconds.  HDD R/W Speed shows less than 1 MB/s, and Disc Usage (time) is less than 10 % peaks.

It did not used to be this way.  I sure don't want to do a Windows Repair Install.  I wish I could afford the ReImage tool I found.

No I haven't, as yet.  I can't find it on Tweaking's Program list or on PcWinTech's lists. 

Oh, by the way, about 1/2 an hour after I sent the original message "bragging" about my success, the HDD began banging away, again, with almost constant access to the System Volume Information file(s).  Sometimes is "background" and sometimes it's "normal". 

Is there a special section for Beta testing which I haven't found?

Thanks again!!

J D Richardson

Shane, I want to tell you that the latest version of Windows Repair portable has seemingly solved a perplexing problem with Windows System Restore.  (Win 7 HP x64 SP1)  After much research, I was left with no definitive answer from M$.  I was instructed that a Repair Install would likely solve the problem: 90 - 100% HDD access to/from System Volume Information file, constantly!

I downloaded and ran the portable version of Windows Repair (v and re-started System Restore and created a restore point.  Lo and behold, the System PID 4 is behaving itself.  Woo-Hoo. 

I trust that I'm not jinxing myself by bragging to you.  Wonderful program...OH! and let me thank you for the Drive Speedometer.  I keep in on screen and it is so reassuring to know what's going on in HDD land.

Have a good weekend and a wonderful new year.  It can't get too much worse. [/sarcasm off]

J D Richardson


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