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1 Support & Help / First time running, hit a snag.
« on: January 11, 2021, 01:45:34 PM »
Hi, this is my first time using Tweaking Windows Repair.  :sad:
My PC is a Windows 10 that has been having multiple problems since the 2004 update which were worsened by the October/December 2020 updates including but not limited to:

(pre fall 2020)
- It taking ~20 minutes to start up, from a slow animated circle and black screen after boot to the login process itself taking a long time after login credentials are entered. (not fixed, tried uninstalling and clean installing nvidia drivers, think it's an on-board intel problem. Running z97x gaming 3 mobo. I have not one but two near-identical builds to this one that aren't experiencing this problem)
- occasional BSOD's which were fixed over the summer, I forget how I did it
- CPU spikes, also mostly fixed over the summer.

(following fall 2020 forced updates by Microsoft who should be collectively sued for distributing this malware OS)
-Chronic 100% disk Usage by windows/system (to C:/$Mbr and AppData folders), which used to only happen occasionally while using my desktop/explorer but since this week happens while playing games which results in a freeze for about 10-20 seconds.

This is terrible and makes apps unusable which will not help during lectures this semester. I suspect this is also why updates for games and stuff would suddenly hang and fail, and why I'd be getting things in EventViewer about things taking too long to write. I've cleared up just about every error in EventViewer I could, which is where I arrived at dealing with permissions problems.

Figured it was a permissions problem causing apps and the system to repeatedly attempt to write to the disk because no matter what fixes I tried I couldn't get windows folders like AppData to stop setting themselves to read-only (yes, I tried permissions and auth stuff throughout all of the usual tips and this is how I find Tweaker Windows Repair).
I've checked my disk health with Crystal Disk, Disk Sentinel, all the things, I've run chkdsks and sfc's and all the usual boilerplate solutions. My disk is in fine shape by all regards, and although I have a brand new way faster hard drive ready to install to I don't want to if Windows is just going to maul it with its shoddy updates and repairs (at one point Windows decided converting my OS drive to RAW was a solution, and I had to learn how to fix that through cmd Diskpart in the RE).

The only way I've been able to get into safe mode at all (as trying the shift+restart would lead to almost safe mode and then the system would restart again) was running the safe mode option directly from Tweaking Windows Repair's tray icon.

So I made the horrible mistake of running the repair with everything checked. In over 1.5 hours it hasn't gotten very far.

People in this forum maintain that if there are 'changes to the CPU usage' info in the System Monitor bar at the bottom of the page, it's doing something. However in Process Explorer, Task Manager and Resource Manager, the 3 windows related to Tweaking's program have 0% pull on CPU. They use memory, very tiny amounts of it. But it appears to be hanging on 99% of Step 2 (the permissions I wanted fixed).

I've given all of the processes related to Tweaking Windows Repair real-time and high process orders in task manager but it seems to be crawling for no reason. Nothing else is running, not even explorer windows and we're in safe mode. It's taken over 45 minutes to get from item 5204 to 5206 and I'm in step 2 of 48. I was writing this because I was convinced it wouldn't even get to item 5206 because it had spent so long there, as of this line I'm at 1.5 hours of this scan.

Older versions of this app claim to operate in about 20 minutes, so I have to assume this was prior to Windows 10's more problematic updates.
Right now it claims it's 100% done within the CMD window for the Default File Permissions repair, but it's not progressing to step 3 (resetting service permissions).

I'm worried that this is going to take days and when I reboot, nothing will be resolved. My semester starts soon and my PC needs to be working. Windows' system repair doesn't work, system reset doesn't work, startup repair doesn't work, but DISM and SFC say everything is fine. There might be a driver lurking in the dark causing problems somewhere, I've tried the usual Disk usage repairs for the storage AHCI and SATA, to no avail. And yeah, I have space on my disks and ample ram and a good CPU. This process shouldn't be this slow.

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