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General Computer Support / Re: No, not again
« on: October 25, 2012, 09:12:06 am »
1. Seems the program that re-installs Windows contains a bugs or a virus. I hope you didn't have a connection with internet when you re-installed Windows.
2. Windows Repair performs one command on every program in one particular folder and "mofcomp.exe"  doesn't provide that option "/regserver". Nothing to worry about.

General Computer Support / Re: some updates could not be installed
« on: October 02, 2012, 03:26:55 am »
Post the error log.

General Computer Support / Re: some updates could not be installed
« on: September 29, 2012, 06:09:27 pm »
Also try other options in Windows Repair (WR). My best guess is that you need to run - at least - "Reset/Repair policies" from WR v1.8.0 as well. And disconnect the computer from the internet while you're running WR.

Did you preserve update programs from previous updates ? If so, then they could be infected as well.

General Computer Support / Re: some updates could not be installed
« on: September 29, 2012, 03:19:10 pm »
Download the program called "Windows Repair", available from and run the program with the box "Repair Windows Update" ticked. It helped me to solve a similar problem.

This program can solve more problems in your Windows system. Try it.

Feedback & Suggestions / Thumbs up for Windows Repair
« on: September 28, 2012, 02:54:54 pm »
The build in Windows Update feature in Win 7 didn't work as it should. It told me I needed to install one particular update for - at least - 10 times in a row. Then, in all those - at least - 10 cases I told the windows update feature to install the update. But everytime the update was installed way too fast. It took the update way too little time to install the update. So, Windows Update didn't behave like it used to do. That made me very suspicious.

Then I ran Windows Repair with only the "Windows Update Repair" box ticked. Then the Win 7 Windows update feature showed its normal behaviour again. Problem solved thanks to Windows Repair v1.7.5. (Yes, I still need to upgrade to the new version).

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Microsoft fixit center
« on: August 13, 2012, 07:51:12 am »
I tried Googling those fixes but to no avail.

Feedback & Suggestions / Microsoft fixit center
« on: August 11, 2012, 07:55:21 am »
I think you've got competition. Mircosoft provides the "Fix it Center".

and scroll down to "Troublshooting & Support".

Perhaps you can reverse engineer some of the fixes Microsoft provides and use it for Windows Repair ?

Feedback & Suggestions / Registry Backup program
« on: July 20, 2012, 12:30:45 am »
Please read this:

Seems she's impressed.

784 Support & Help / WR and HP buttons
« on: May 09, 2012, 11:34:02 am »
I have a HP laptop with WIN 7 and ran WR on that laptop some time ago. But since I ran WR every time when I start the laptop there's an error message: ""HP Lauchbuttons don't work anymore"".

Since WR stops and starts a number of services, I consider it most likely that there's a service dependency on my laptop (i.e. one service depends on another service and therefore that first service is stopped as well.). Perhaps one HP specific service was stopped and not/never restarted again. But I have gone through the list of services and I haven't got a clue what service needs to be restarted again.
Besides that I noticed that the services as mentioned in Win 7 have a different name than the names used in WR. Or should I use MSCONFIG to restart that service again ?

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Download Traffic
« on: April 24, 2012, 06:10:21 am »
About post #1 in this thread: The computer magazine was for computer users, not geeks or techies. The magazine rates programs/tweaks/tips from 1 (easy, suitable for beginners) up to 5 (Expert level). And Windows Repair was rated 5 (=expert level).

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Download Traffic
« on: April 22, 2012, 07:55:40 am »
When I Googled the words ""Windows Repair"" today, I came across this:

Feedback & Suggestions / Download Traffic
« on: April 19, 2012, 08:37:40 am »
(I hope thanks to me) in the april issue of a dutch computer magazine Windows Repair was brought to the attention of the readers of that magazine. Did the download traffic go up in late march and april ? Did register more traffic from the Netherlands ?

Everything Else / Security certificates
« on: February 08, 2012, 11:14:08 pm »
When I visited today the webpages IE 8 reported that there was an isuue with the "security certificates". Is my computer (software e.g. IE8 ) to blame or is something wrong with the site ?

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Repair (All In One)
« on: February 01, 2012, 05:19:27 am »
Perhaps you need to run the program with Administrator's rights ? I have tested the *.bat files and in Win 7 one needs those rights to run the commands. Without those rights one gets a lot of ""Access Denied"" messages.

790 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 17, 2011, 11:29:07 am »
Tried something else. I used the ""subinacl"" command and step by step I added some arguments to it. You use this command with 4 ""/grant=...."" arguments. Both the arguments "" ..=user=f"" and ""... =everyone=f"" don't work, generate an error when I use them and then Subinacl says ""Error:  ...... Security ID is invalid"". And then the command isn't executed.

When I omit those two arguments then the ""Repair file permissions"" command (subinacl.exe) take much more time (about 4 to 5 minutes). This begs the question: Do you use the arguments ""/grant=user=f"" and ""/grant=everyone=f"" in other repair jobs as well ? That could explain why e.g. ""Repair registry premissions"" and other tasks can complete in a record time as well. It seems that it was this you changed/added in a previous version of WR. Are these two arguments nescessary in Vista and Win 7 ?

Do I need to test the other batch file scripts as well for this kind of behaviour (in Win XP) ?

791 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 15, 2011, 05:41:47 am »
1. I changed the PATH= variable using the Windows GUI and now SPB doesn't generate an error any more. So, - IMO - adding a ""Set PATH= .... "" command to the batch file(s) would suffice.
2. Ah, that ""installer"" explanation makes more sense. No wonder, Windows is so extremely complicated. It's a world on its own. Thank god, I am a user only.
3. Perhaps because all file permissions have been reset already the WR is able to go through all the folders that fast ? I don't want to make a giant issue out of this but it DOES remain a question mark in the back in my head.
4. Perhaps you could look at the suggestions I gave in the previous posts in this thread for WR ? If you like them then I would suggest to makes the changes now. Then they're already incorporated and ready for a future version of WR.
5. Do I need to test more programs ?

792 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 14, 2011, 02:00:52 pm »
About the ""PATH"" problem. To make it more clear: It seems SPB generates an error when it wants to use/access the programs ""netsh.exe"" (in ""C:\windows\system32"") and ""framedyn.dll"" (in ""C:\windows\system32\wbem"") (in a *.bat file ?). Are those things services (SC command) related ?
If these two files are accessed with a *.bat file then I think adding ""set path= ... "" would suffice.

I understand the advantages of a bat file. Because you do the same whe one wants to set the Services back to a safe/default state. But then the ""subinacl"" problem remains in WR. It generates a "" ....... security ID ...."" error and skips those files. See one of my posts above. Is this XP related only ? I'll try WR on a Win 7 machine. Perhaps everything works on such machine.

And this ""subinacl.exe"" problem begs other questions. In what other repair jobs is this same command used. It seems it doesn't work in e.g. repairing  registry permissons of one (two, three, ......) registry hives and it does work when it wants to repair one other registry hive. I know there's more than one hive and only when WR processes one (the last ??) hive it shows a screen that clearly indicates that it's going across the registry keys of that hive. It even repots that resetting some of those permissions has failed.

Im sorry, but now I start to question whether these batch files work in any of the other repair jobs in XP. Because during other repair jobs CMD.exe opens and then it closes so fast as well that I can't determine what commands are executed and which generate a (non fatal) error in CMD.exe. And I DO want this program to work in XP as well, not in Vista and Win 7 only. :confused: , extremely :confused:.

793 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 14, 2011, 12:51:20 pm »
I am lost. I tried a number of things to get the commands (Psexec and subinacl), as specified above, run without generating errors. Tried to use no, one and two quotation marks, with and without ampersands (""&""). Tried to use PsExec.exe and subinacl in a number of configurations but to no avail.
When I look at the entire picture then the thing that would make the most sense to me is that WR would issue/issues a ""PsExec Subinacl ...... "" command for every main directory on the C: drive. But then the question becomes: what's the purpose of the other commands ?

Are the commands ""takeown"" and ""inacls" not found in XP and in e.g. Vista and Win 7 only ? Does the entire set of commands/repair jobs work without errors on Vista and/or Win 7 only ?
In WR v1.0.0 ""reset file permissions"" seemed to work. So, Because it worked in WR version 1.0.0 what major changes have been made after that version ? Or perhaps you could make a separate version for XP only ?

In WR v1.5.4 you introduced a fix for the ""PATH"" problem. But I came across that ""PATH"" problem in SPB as well. So, I think you should improve that program, bring out a new improved version as well.

794 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 11, 2011, 10:36:42 am »
@echo on
copy /y c:\testfolder\print.pdf c:\print.pdf
copy /y C:\Program Files\PcWinTech\WR v1.53\files\subinacl.exe C:\
copy /y C:\Program Files\PcWinTech\WR v1.53\files\psexec.exe C:\
copy /y C:\ProgramFiles\PcWinTech\WRv1.53\files\subinacl.exe C:\
copy /y C:\ProgramFiles\PcWinTech\WRv1.53\files\psexec.exe C:\
takeown /F C:\subinacl.exe >nul
icacls C:\subinacl.exe /GRANT *S-1-1-0:F >nul
C:\subinacl.exe /subdirectories \*.* /grant=administrators=f /grant=system=f /grant=everyone=f /grant=users=f

I ran a batchfile with this content (see above, in italics) in a separate window (CMD.exe) and the result is contained in the picture (see attachment). The 1st, 4th and 5th ""copy"" command worked (""1 bestand ......"" ) - IMO - because there wasn't a space between e.g ""program"" and ""files"" and between ""WR"" and ""v1.53"" like in the 2nd and 3rd copy command line. ""Takeown"" and ""Icacls"" generated an error ""command not recognized"". Then ""subinacl"" generated an error because ""de structuur van de beveiligings-ID is ongeldig"" (english: ""the structure of the security ID is invalid""). So, it seems a space throws CMD.exe ""off the rails"". That begs the question: why did thus work in a previous version of WR ?

795 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 11, 2011, 12:55:34 am »
Just a simple update.

Yep. PATH was indeed messed up. I changed it to ""C:\windows\system32;C:\windows\system32\wbem"" (is this the default for XP ? Do I need to add more ?) and WR behaved more normal. Now e.g. System Restore (Step 4) does create a Restore Point EVERYTIME (again !!) when I click on that button. And now WR waits with the ""Do you want to restart your system"" message until after the last repair job has been completed. :cheesy:

And SPB doesn't generate an error any more (i.e. netsh.exe and framedyn.dll). :cheesy:

796 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 10, 2011, 12:33:32 pm »
Yes, I did already fear my system was messed up but I wasn't sure.

797 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 10, 2011, 10:48:51 am »
I have been fiddling around with Windows Repair (WR), Simple Performance Boost (SPB) and the MSDOS (CMD.exe) command CHKDSK lately. This gives me a clue what could have gone wrong in WR on my system (Windows XP). I tried to repair the filesystem of a 4 GB MicroSD memory card (FAT32) with the CHKDSK command but the response was ""Command not recognized"". Then I typed the command PATH and the response was ""PATH=<NULL>"". No wonder I couldn't use the CHKDSK command because CHKDSK is placed in the ""C\Windows\system32"" directory.

It seems WR (or SPB) issues some sort of ""PATH=<NULL>"" command. Because SPB (i.e. ""netsh.exe"") also wanted to acess a file (""framedyn.dll"") in the ""C:\windows\system32\wbem"" folder and fails to find it and generated a non fatal error. And this COULD explain why WR fails to e.g. both ""Reset file Permissions"" and ""Reset Registry Permissions"". WR extensively uses CMD.exe to execute a number of commands. WR wants to access e.g. the ""C\Windows\system32\wbem"" folder as well. So, could you check what PATH commands both WR and SPB are issueing while running. Or is my filing system broken ? Did you change something in the latest version ?

798 Support & Help / Re: Simple Performance Boost
« on: December 05, 2011, 02:07:40 pm »
I think it a left over from a previous version of Windows (ME ?, 2000 ?, 98 ?, 95 ?, NT ?). It was compressed into this to save space. Now in XP and above these options seem to have each a separate registry entry.

799 Support & Help / Re: Simple Performance Boost
« on: December 04, 2011, 09:41:51 am »
In SPB there're 7 options that can't be (un-)selected individually because they share all the registry key. I found out what the individual values are. One has to go down to the bit level to see the changes. Looking at the HEX level doesn't make any sense. When all those 7 options in SPB are NOT ticked (all effects enabled) then the mask is 9E 3E 07 80 (Hex).

[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1482476501-688789844-854245398-1003\Control Panel\Desktop]

But in binary it looks like 1001 1110 0011 1110 0000 0111 1000 0000 (8 groups of each 4 bits). And 7 individual bits control each one visual effect.

This is the explanation: (x = doesn't matter/didn't change)

xxxx 123x xx4x 56xx xxxx x7xx xxxx xxxx

When one of these seven bits (numbered 1 - 7 in the line above) is reset (""0"") then one particular effect is DISABLED. See explanation below:

Bit number X (1-7, see above) controls:
1: ""Smooth scroll list boxes""
2: ""Slide open combo boxes""
3: ""Fade/Slide menu into view""
4: ""Show shadow under mouse pointer""
5: ""Fade/Slide tooltips into view""
6: ""Fade out menu after clicking""
7: ""Show shadow under menus""

Please check/test the function of bits #1 and #2. I hope I got it right. I am not sure I did. Keyword: Translation.

800 Support & Help / Re: Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: December 02, 2011, 01:07:05 pm »
Weird. ""Subinacl.exe"" works. In that script you gave the commands ""takeown"" and ""icacls"" both generate an error in CMD.exe. Or is my system faulty ? Are these commands only found in the "".NET"" software ? (Which I didn't install).

When I run ""Reset registry permissions"" then CMD.exe reports that it has rejected a command because it came across a wildcard ""*"". It seems it wants to access a part of the registry and then gets ""rejected"". Weird. Why did it work with a previous version of WR ?

I fear the removal of a piece of software or an (web-)update from Microsoft could have caused this weird behaviour.

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