Author Topic: chkdsk c: /f gives "An unspecified error occurred" error message  (Read 4577 times)

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I searched around and basically came up with zero references;

could use some help here...

what happened, the disk went Kaput, rebuilding the system from scratch OUCH!

with a clean install, I want to retrieve the old data on the old drive. however, while trying to kopy the info to the new partitions, it has flags and won't kopy till chkdisk completes. My intention, keep the old C and D drive handy on the new hard drive rather than a USB port... then just copy the old data files into the new drive... accordingly, a new install :(


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Re: chkdsk c: /f gives "An unspecified error occurred" error message
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2013, 10:08:57 PM »
If you are scanning that old drive the error is because of the bad sectors.

Try using 7-zip to zip up all the old files first and have it sotre the new file to the new drive, set compression to store so it doesnt compress. 7-Zip will skip any file it has trouble on.