Author Topic: second laptop trying to run window repair tool  (Read 5183 times)

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second laptop trying to run window repair tool
« on: March 19, 2015, 03:05:38 am »
This is a different laptop than y other post.. trying to run windows repair tool and was told many reparse points are missing so I am attatching the pre-scan results hoping for some assistance.. especially bcz this is my friends laptop that he's been running without av or updating and trying to blame me for the problems with it. so really hoping to fix it so he can see the problems weren't anything to do with me. Thank you.

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Re: second laptop trying to run window repair tool
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2015, 06:05:36 am »
I am actually working on v3.1.0 of the windows repair where I have a new "Repair Reparse Points" tool.

I just finished the beta of it about 30 min ago (Pull another all nighter to get it done) and I sent it to some of my testers (Volunteers who like to test the new stuff) and if all goes well i will release it on Monday.

The new tool is very fresh, and so it only got the testing on my system that i did as I went a purposely broke Reparse Points and then had the tool repair them. So if you like you are welcome to try the beta, In fact it would be great if you where willing to, because I need people with broken Reparse Points to really see if the new tool does its job :-)

Here is what i sent my testers if you are up for it.

This is the update I just finished tonight, this is for Mondays update, since I will be gone this weekend I am getting it done as soon as possible and sending it to a few of my testers so see if the new repair tool works well or if I missed anything.

In case you want to give it a go, here is the current build of v3.1.0 Beta

New "Repair Reparse Points" tool has been added. This is not an automated tool, so it isn't in the repair list. Instead it is with the Pre Repairs Scan tool.

Added another script "Windows Updates Download Cache" to the pro feature "Enhanced Windows Disk Cleanup"

Updated and improved the Pre Repairs Scan.

Multiple code improvements and updates.

Multiple spelling corrections.

When having the program schedule the tray icon to start at windows startup, it now adds a 2 min delay before the task scheduler starts it to give time for the other startup programs to finish loading.