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I have a programming problem
« on: October 20, 2015, 05:10:05 am »
In a sense; it might sounds like I don't; but I do...

I would like to explore avenues to solve a solution that I think will help all of us!

Here is my problem, I want to open an account in a different country where the interest rate is lets say 9 perfcent, but their website does not have english;

Is there someway we can source banks that will accept that currency and pay us the nice interest rate for holding their currency?

Appreciate the feedback and help with this programming issues; I can post some examples if needed

thanks in advance

Combine this cash transfer service;

To then be able open Personal Accounts in Various Countries listed below to enjoy higher interest rates...

for example;

anyone know of a service that offers?
a programmer would be helpful :)
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