Author Topic: Disc Managment I see my Sata HD with C is showing as Disc 1 and my 2nd IDE as 0  (Read 5398 times)

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Good morning all. Am running W 10 and all appears stable, however I found a folder on my E partition which seems to relate to . Net. Is it safe to delete?
Also in Disc Management I see my Sata HD with C is showing as Disc 1 and my 2nd IDE HD is showing as Disc 0. (I'v allocated my page file to Disc 0). As I said no issues but am curious about this detection. thoughts welcome.

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It looks liek that is a temp folder created in 2013.  Maybe you have moved the default temp file directory or something back then?  Without being able to click around the drive and inspect, I can't know for sure. My best guess and it looks safe to delete. BUT... I can't be 100%

I would simply right click on the folder and zip it and save the zip. Then delete the data. If you have an issue with something you could always just unzip it back.