Author Topic: Turn off autosave but leave on autofill in MS Edge  (Read 7229 times)

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Turn off autosave but leave on autofill in MS Edge
« on: December 11, 2022, 07:56:27 pm »
Microsoft Edge has a feature where it can autofill my personal information whenever a website asks for my name, address, email, etc. This is often very useful, but one thing I find very annoying is that whenever I enter other information than my personal information in a field called "Name", "Address", "Email", etc it automatically saves that information as my personal information.

For example, some websites allow me to search for other people by name, but whenever I write something in the "Name" field, Edge saves the other person's name as my personal info. It doesn't even have to be a field asking for someone's personal info. For example, in PhpMyAdmin, when I enter the name of a table or a column I want to create, Edge saves that as my name. I can manually delete it from the settings, but it's annoying to have to do that each time I enter a name that's not mine somewhere.

So I would like to stop Edge from saving new personal info. My name and email address will probably never change so I will never have to update that, and I don't move very often so I have nothing against updating my address manually in the settings next time I move.

I searched for how to do this, and found a lot of pages like this one that tell me to go to edge://settings/personalinfo and turn off the "Save and fill personal info" checkbox at the top. While this stops the browser from saving personal info as I want, it also stops the browser from suggesting to fill personal info that I already saved.

Is there a way stop Edge from saving new personal info while still allowing it to autofill existing personal info?
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