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General Computer Support / W 7 SFC log error
« on: June 21, 2016, 04:57:45 am »
Symptoms : Unable to update W 7, Ran tweaking repair tool twice & SFC several times with detected error unable to fix. Thoughts?
Preparing  for W 10 upgrade

General Computer Support / W 7 HD shows as a removable drive (SOLVED)
« on: June 20, 2016, 07:07:31 am »
W 7 SP1 Desktop
Today my HD shows as a removable drive ! A single 500Gb with partitions. It also appears in Devices & Printers. And I haven't touched anything. Appears to be working ok. Thoughts?

Futher research:

Solved this oddness by changing AHCI to SATA in the bios.

I was refering to buying a licence for the Tweaking repair tool. Happy to support.

Your guide led me to the following:
In the Windows explorer window where you can see the file, hold shift and right click on the white space. The context menu should now have an option for "command prompt from here", select this then close the explorer window. In the command prompt window type delete and it should now successfully delete.

Of course it took me another 10 min to realize that the "delete" should have read "del"!
Am happy to report sucess though it took some 50" for the cmd to execute. Anyway now the proud owner of the "Pro" repair tool.
thanks for your time and patience.

W 8.1. Once the file is highlighted, explorer locks & then restarts.
The path to the file is
"This PC Videos j BBC_Two_HD-05152016-2333.mts"
What is the full comand line to delete it?

A minor devolopment, after 15 min, a delete box has poped up with the file. It reads 0% complete and is not progressing. Task manager status flags Windows Explorer as not responding yet its Disc activity hops about between 2 & 4 MBs. So something is happning under the hood! In my innocence I observe and wait. Thanks for the links Boggin.

Could I try in DOS ? F8 on startup and select command prompt. I dont know the syntax though.

No, not quite the same thing. Movie recorded off air on a pvr then copied to my laptop, not streamed or downloaded, I player not on my system.I cant access the file to do anything, thats properties, rename delete etc on right click.

Good afternoon, Its a movie I recorded off air on BBC. The file name gives the date & time of the tx and it plays fine. (Pot player). The only difference I see is the naming protocol & size. When the cursor highlights the file, I get "not responding" and explorer reloads to good state. The failure of the "green bar" to complete its passage might indicate something relevant?

W 8.1
Odd issue here, am unable to delete 5.5 Gb .mts file. Explorer crashes when I right click this file. I can delete the other files in this folder. I ran shexview-x64 and disabled most of the context handles & ran the tweaking repair tool fully twice. Tried to delete in safe mode, no joy. I notice the green bar never fully completes. Also unable to rename the file. Thoughts..

awwww max is so cute! i have an Alaskan malamute his name is keiko shhhh he does not know it's a girls name  :wink:

oh btw go ahead and select the first post hit modify then in the title put (solved) at the end
I'm so glad that helped you out i have to tell Shane about this thread so he can see if he want's to add this to the windows repair all in one in fact he is the one who showed me that command :wink:

Nice one Julian ! Ran your code & then update which detected and installed a bunch of updates. I'm happy to delete the blunderbuss of failed "fix" solutions I had been polluting my system with before you & Boggin chimed in. Maybe you can post this event in "User submitted guide" section.
I'll post your elegant solution on another tech support forum, it might accelerate their learning curve :evil:
As we say here in Ireland "May your bed never be empty"
Both Max & I are now in a state of happiness.

Ran fix with same result as before. Can't find aggressive mode, just option to run for Win update or background intelligent transfer  service.Ran both.
win stand alone installer  after an hour; error 0x08024001e

i believe so, I used the "fix". Ran Windows update diagnostic.diagcab which detected issues, (see attch result 1 & result 2) which flagged an error RC_DataStore code 0X800F081F.

Possibly another piece of the jigsaw, I attch a list of the missing updates detected with Belarc. When checked against the list of installed updates I posted earlier we may see the integrity of the sequence ? I know I'm reaching here!
I downloaded the updates from MS and on installing them it riggers "searching for updates" dialog box. So the issue covers both detection & install of these stand alone KBs.


Well Boggin, The readiness tool "Windows6.1-KB947821-v34-x86" came in at 233.5 megs. I ran it for a few hours as it was searching for updates, nada!
 I ran the repair twice in safe mode & the open phase gave the all clear in the 3 scans. I attch logs generated, I assume the two logs "28.04.2016_xxx" give results for both runs. You can view the full folder if you have the time in the links below. Easier than a string of .txt files.

So I'l run the update again and see if there is any change in behavior.
A curious issue indeed...

Thanks for the reply. SFC scannow detected as all well. Its late here so I'l try that tool tomo. You have reminded me that Belarc Advisor also detects & identifies missing updates.
Can you see anything helpfull in the tweaking repair log ?

Good evening all. W7 Update issue has been with me for the last few days.
Current behaviour “Checking for updates” runs for many hours without detecting any.
Troubleshooting steps taken,
I installed MS “fix” KB 3135445, nada.
Ran Fix WU Utility v 1.0 ( This utility will re-register a total of 114 .dll,* ocx and .ax files which are required for the proper functioning of Windows Updates. ) nada.
Cleared Windows Update Cache, following correct procedure.nada.
Ran Windows update diagnostic.diagcab which detected issues, (see attch result 1 & result 2) which flagged an error RC_DataStore code 0X800F081F. I have tried researching this to no avail.
I then ran a repair utility from the reputable “” the log attch “Repair_Windows_Updates” which may reveal info to those wiser than me .
I also attch a list of current updates in the system the last being Net Framework 4.6.1.
The Dell laptop is clean of infections / malware and stable. Security essentials updates do run well. So I'm out of ideas now and welcome your input .

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