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My Win 7 machine is x64 Home Premium and I tested both disks on it.

They both booted up fine and I successfully performed an offboot sfc /scannow with the first disk and a chkdsk c: /f with the second.

All I can suggest is that I reinstate the ei.cfg file so that the ISO is pure Pro and send you those to try.

The alternative is to perform a repair install which won't affect your personal stuff or installed programs but you need a valid product key.

The install disk you said you already have, did you upgrade the machine with that and did it come with a product key ?

If it did, you could try a repair install with the Pro disks I'll send you, but try the offboot sfc /scannow with either first.

A repair install is done from within Windows.

Go Start - click on Computer - insert the install disk and double click on its drive which will start the process.

For some reason, a repair install fails to complete on my Win 7 machine - not sure if it's because of the universal ISO.

If you are using a branded machine where Win 7 Pro came pre-installed, then you can change the product key to what is on the COA sticker - if you can still read it.

To do this, press the Windows key and r together then type Slui 3 into the Run box and press enter.

Accept the UAC and enter the key into the box provided.

I'll post the disks tomorrow morning so you should get them by Friday.

Thanks for the discs which safely arrived.

Sorry for delay and have tried both discs which both load from chosen CD drive.

After setting Language/keyboard etc choice of Install/Repair

After pressing Repair - comes an error message - see photo

Any ideas?

Okay - it was worth a try as the chkdsk had repaired some of the file structure.
still got corrupt files. will try your CD tomorrow


Can you perform another sfc /scannow to see if it still reports it is unable to repair all corruption.
It would not allow pasting as thought it was spam!

Attached as requested


Just looked at your pic and it should have reported no further action.

Let me know what the log says, or you can copy & paste it into your post by clicking on Copy/Copy details as text in the lower right pane then right click in the reply box and select Paste.
Yes it does, but it also momentarily shows it on screen.

It should run after the reboot when you enter y for it to run.

Go Start - type eventvwr and press enter when it comes up.

Ensure Event Viewer (Local) is highlighted in the left pane - if it isn't then just click on it.

When Event Viewer has read the data, expand Windows logs and click on Application/Action/Find

Type chkdsk into the Find box and press enter.

Cancel the Find box and read the log in the scrollable pane below
Photo fell off!

I must have interrupted by pressing a key as I use a monitor for my laptop.

Repeated - see photo - and seems OK?


PS thanks for all the help and looking forward to get disks!
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