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1 Support & Help / Re: File and printer sharing
« Last post by Boggin on January 22, 2021, 02:54:43 AM »
2 Support & Help / File and printer sharing
« Last post by 1977.sandeep on January 22, 2021, 02:34:38 AM »
tweaking firewall is good..but its not fixed the problem. my file and sharing not working in windows 7. but after installing tweaking windows repais it open my file and sharing for 2..3 minutes then again its closed..please help me
General Computer Support / Get Rid of Windows 10 Updates Banner
« Last post by dalepbaker on January 19, 2021, 06:21:36 PM »
Someone please help me get rid of the VERY ANNOYING Windows 10 Updates banner
Well hopefully the repair install will resolve.
As of yesterday (which was a postal holiday here, I think) I have not.  I have to go out in a bit and will check today's mail.

I now have the jellybean software and am heading into the studio to try it out.

I don't know either -- and I do wish I had taken the time to save the output -- but the safe mode idea didn't occur to me and it's worth a try if the jellybean do it.

One way or another I'm gonna beat this machine back into functioning order . . . I hope . . .
Sorry for the late reply but your post was waiting to be approved so didn't show up as a latest post.

I'm unsure as to which repair WR said it couldn't fix for 20H2 - can you post your repair log.

There is an option to access those from the main UI of WR.

I've just ran the full repairs on this 20H2 and other than the Win 8/10 App repair which is skipped, all report as being done.

I've come across this article which may resolve your App Store problem -

As an alternative to a clean install, in the advanced boot options there's an option to Reset where you can retain your personal files but it will remove all 3rd party programs, so you would need to reinstall those.

Have you received the install disks I've sent you ?

For finding your product key see if you can download the free version of Magic Jelly Bean -

I don't know why Speccy should have stopped working as it did.

Have you checked to see if Speccy will work in Safe Mode ?
Okay, things got weirder.  I ran Speccy and it worked but I was pressed for time so didn't bother to copy the output, assuming I could do it the next day when I had more time.   The next day,  the program wouldn't run and I attempted to reinstall it -- which also didn't work.  In your list of key-readers, is there any that can run in a portable fashion? 
I found a fault with Registry Backup 3.5.3 when you try to restore from it which I've reported to Shane.

He's supposed to be working on it but until 3.5.3. is updated then I would advise against using it and creating a manual restore point instead.

As Windows Repair works from C: then as far as I know, that will be the only registry it backs up.
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