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I'd passed this on for you but haven't had a reply yet.

I'll email Shane again about this.

Whoever designed the - Windows Repair | Advanced Repairs (Pro) | Missing Package Files - Reg Cleanup should know the answer.

I am assuming that this process will permanently delete the registry key of missing package files if I choose "Yes" and since they are missing I assume it should not cause a problem on my PC.

Please get an answer to my question and assumptions?

Computer Help / Re: Greetings Everyone
« Last post by Boggin on August 17, 2019, 02:17:51 AM »
One thing to check in improving a computer's performance is to ensure you don't have a build up of temp files.

Go Start - type %temp% and press enter when it comes up.

If that is highly populated, press CTRL a to highlight then CTRL d to delete.

Confirm then check the box to Skip - OK

There may be only one or two small files left.

Empty the Recycle Bin when done.

A defrag can help as well.

Go Start - type defrag and press enter when Defragment comes up then click on the Analyze button to see how much fragmentation there is.

While 2GB RAM is okay for Win 7, you may want to consider adding another 2GB but with support for Win 7 ending next year, it may not be the best of investments especially as it could be DDR2 memory which remains expensive.

BTW - I've identified you as a Spammer, so I hope your post is a genuine one.

Why are you hoping to meet someone from Indiana ?
Computer Help / Greetings Everyone
« Last post by WanhedaKing on August 17, 2019, 01:33:35 AM »
Hello everyone,,
I may be the newest newby onboard.  I did the installation yesterday, ran it for the first time last night, and followed up with a second full run this morning.  Absolutely no problems at all.  I am sure that I will have lots of questions as I go along, but, as of now, the OK ... that's Old Klunker ... seems to be noticably more perky at the moment.  So, thank you for that.  The OK is a seven year old HP Presario 2400us laptop with 2GB of memory.  Otherwise, it is as it came out of the box, except for software.  Even though I am supposed to have lots and lots of problems, I seem to be successfull (in my opinion) running Windows 7 Home.  The OK is at the end of a wireless connection, and the only real complaint I have has to do with streaming video.  I have the start/stop, jerky, stand still and balk problems.  Try and watch an auto race under those conditions.  The Olympics were impossible. My hopes are that by tweaking as much as I can, I will be able to reduce that to bare minimum.  Also, I seem to be getting the BCF (Blue Circle of Frustration) much too often, and recently for a longer amount of time, in addition to the fact that it seems to want to run as slow as molassis off and on.  If I can clear up some of these issues and keep it usable but less annoying, it will save me the cost of another unit, which, when the time comes, might just be an iPad. 

I'd like to hear from anyone near Bloomington, Indiana. 

Keep up the excellent work.  I am very impressed so far.  The GIU is terriffic.

I forgot to add - can you use the .239 machine for this.

That seems to be a little behind as a recent update on my 1903 took it from .267 to .295

Perhaps you could do a manual check for updates on that one.
I'm unable to replicate what you are seeing as I don't use passwords on my machines.

Can you save a screenshot of what you get in Paint when you boot into that mode through Windows and see if you can save a screenshot of what you get when you use the repair program to boot into that mode and post both in your next reply.
Very interesting.  I went to my other computer, running Windows 10 Home, Build 18362.239, 64-Bit OS.  When I went into Tweaking and went to Safe Mode with Networking through the program, I was faced with the same challenge that I have with my other computer.  I am unable to log into the computer.  I rebooted and then went through the Windows method of starting in Safe Mode with Networking and I was able to log in and run the Tweaking Program.  Go figure.  What's going on with the restart in Safe Mode option from within the Tweaking Program??

Thanks!!  RochesterChuck
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« Last post by elicha on August 14, 2019, 08:37:48 AM »
 :cheesy: :cheesy:
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« Last post by Boggin on August 14, 2019, 07:03:54 AM »
Okay - I'll give Shane a Bump on my email to him about this.
10 Programs & Site Help & Support / Re: Tweaking stoppped anytime
« Last post by elicha on August 14, 2019, 06:58:00 AM »
My computer is working well. I 've how you ask: first restore point of yesterday OK. Secondly  I make a new restore point; Thirdly I try Repair : It stopped always at the same place but it's missing only two numbers.  when passed this phase , it run to the end
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