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I suppose it would help if I knew what you were asking as the last paragraph in your last post bears no relation to what you were originally asking for and as I've already said, I was unable to glean anything from your bug YT vid.

However, I would expect you to know how to create a desktop folder - let me know if you don't and I'll explain it to you.
Please study this issue in detail first, then suggest a good solution.
Your "repair" suggestions are not required in this case.
I know that everyone proposes 100% of all problems ready-made solutions (the whole set of solutions, which is duplicated from an post). Which is not a smart way to solve simple problems.

It's like you would delete an empty folder or a shortcut (yes! Empty but required) and then suggest anti-virus, system restore, chkdsk, bad sector check and system repair. Think logically and without nerves - this is not a good solution, it only extends problem solving that can be solved in 10 seconds.
Which is better to fix problems wisely in 10 seconds, or doing 10 repair steps that can take up to a day?
I looked for a solution on the internet that requires creating an empty 'Desktop' folder in system32.
So why do you propose a combine harvester solutions that don't make much sense, Mr. moderator of this forum?
Computer Help / Re: Increase saturation color on Toshiba Laptop
« Last post by Boggin on September 26, 2020, 02:54:53 AM »
That's great news as it confirms you can still get Win 10 free.

One feature of Win 10 is the right click on the taskbar Windows icon which gives you easy access to a number of utilities

If the new graphics driver hasn't enhanced your settings to include Saturation, I'm not sure if when you open Control Panel and select Colour Management whether changing any of those settings will give you what you want.

To access Control Panel click on the search box where can then select it from the pane that opens.
Computer Help / Re: Increase saturation color on Toshiba Laptop
« Last post by JohnCoool on September 25, 2020, 04:35:42 PM »
The upgrade went very smoothly.

It it not ask for product key. It is showing Windows as activated.

It completed Windows updates as well.

I will try it on my system soon and will update the results about the Intel tool for the Graphics card.
A repair install doesn't affect personal stuff or installed programs, so if there is something wrong with a program, it won't fix it.

However, I would advise creating newer install media after reading -

The default is to auto create a bootable USB.

If using an USB, I find it's best to insert that before downloading the MCT.

Boot into Safe Mode with Networking, download and run a scan with the ESET Free Online Scanner to ensure your machine isn't infected.

If that comes back clean then I would look to your Start-up items.

Right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager then under Start-up click on each item then on Disable.

Click on File/Exit then reboot to see if that improves your CPU and Memory usage.

I just have two Realtek Audio items enabled in mine.

Task Manager will also show the CPU and Memory usage and if you click on CPU it will sort to the highest user first.

I'm not a fan of Advanced System Care although I used to have it installed.

I guess I got sick of the pop up warnings relating to a build up of Temp files which are normal as the machine is used.

will the repair install  delete my applications?

thanks for your detailed reply.  I wanted to assess how my desktop was doing for a few days.

I originally ran because of a number of problems I had on a number of applications.  My email (Opera Mail) couldn't remember I'd approved a's security certificate.  And I both Opera and OpenOffice Writer paused for seconds when scrolling or sometimes when entering keystroke commands. seemed to fix those problems, but not other problems in other applications.  Windows sometimes froze while playing a video.

Sadly, delays and hesitations are returning as is the freezing during videos. 

And  last night a new problem has popped up.  I run Advanced System Care.  It tells me my memory usage quickly creeps up to 95% and higher.  When it hits 100% it shows 100% disk usage and freezes. 

Does this sound like a problem could address?  Or should I skip to the repair install?

Several  months ago I created a both DVD and a USB to run the repair install.  I had Windows 10 version 1804 (or whatever the correct number was).  I wasn't able to get the repair install to run, (I'm pretty sure) because I didn't understand how to make the DVD or USB bootable.  Tinkering with the innards of Windows makes me nervous, but that's looking more and more necessary. 

If I go that way, do I need to download  an updated  repair install ISO again or can I use the one I have?


Computer Help / Re: Increase saturation color on Toshiba Laptop
« Last post by Boggin on September 25, 2020, 04:43:58 AM »
Computer Help / Re: Increase saturation color on Toshiba Laptop
« Last post by JohnCoool on September 25, 2020, 04:42:38 AM »
Thanks for the tips.

I will be trying the upgrade today and updating with the results.
Computer Help / Re: My game keeps crashing right when I first run it!
« Last post by Boggin on September 25, 2020, 01:24:06 AM »
Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling yet - that error could have corrupted the program.

This article has some suggestions in how to fix that error, but perform the dism cmds before the sfc /scannnow.
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