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Were you able to do this before running the repair program ?

Can you boot into Safe Mode and use the program's Backup Tools to use the Registry Restore option and then see if you can do it then.

What was the original reason why you ran the repair program ?
I ran Tweaking Update repair, which did a huge amount in terms of updating ACEs and other things.  Now administrator accounts, including the Administrator enabled one, cannot change other user account types from "standard" to "administrator".  If I login as an administrator and go to Control Panel, User Accounts, select one to change and then select the "administrator" button, the "change" becomes grayed out.  Any thoughts on this, please?

Running Windows 10 64 bit April 2018 version on a Dell 570 desktop with 16 GB RAM.
It's been found that the program doesn't actually create a restore point even though it says it does if you use that option - so it's best not to rely on that one, but it does auto back up the registry.

However, before I test run it, I always create a Macrium system image first as my fall back.
Thanks again.  IT could be that my computer is actually "jacked" in some fashion as well.  Although I can easily reproduce the problem (unfortunately I actually had the problem twice.  Sometimes you never learn.  After the first time I did save a restore point but could never retrieve it.)
I've had a reply back from Shane but he is unable to replicate it so he's going to run the repair program on another Win 10.

Not sure when I'll get a reply to that but I'm off to roost shortly as it's about 11.30pm here in the UK.
Back to normal, as normal can be.  It was a matter of reversing alleged updates to previous Windows version.  Although, The supposed old Windows is indeed the most current, updates and all.  Very strange.  Thanks for following up.
So have you got the machine back to normal now ?

I'll pass this onto Shane.
8 Programs & Site Help & Support / Tweaking put PC in perpetual safe mode
« Last post by kcwizard on October 15, 2018, 11:20:08 AM »
Running Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1809 (OS Build 18247.1001), Windows Repair 2018 (v4.3 Pro).  After running the repair program, following suggested procedure, everything seemed to be reset as expected.  BUT THEN, following the restart, the system wanted to start in safe mode expecting a safe mode password (Password would not work).  Ran Hiren's BootCDPE (v1.0.0) to reset password, rebooted back into safe mode (because that was the only available option).  Once into the system, my profile was gone, system wanted to be activated, few programs or apps would run (only those NOT dependent upon a valid profile).  Could get to the internet, but no standard Windows Services were started... just bare bones ala safe mode with networking.  Reboot to troubleshooting, command prompt, BCDEDIT /enum did not show safeboot as an indicated status.  Untimely to get back to "normal", got back to troubleshooting and rolled back system updates to previous version of Windows, which is as indicated above.

Don't know what happened, but I was ready to rebuild and not really in the mood.  Any thought would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Computer Help / Re: Software not running even in safe mode...
« Last post by Boggin on October 14, 2018, 01:57:53 PM »
I've passed this onto Shane to have a look at.
Computer Help / Re: Software not running even in safe mode...
« Last post by DavidJoel on October 14, 2018, 09:35:38 AM »
Changes reverted back to original settings using the restore tool.

The mystery continues...these file extensions are all still being overwritten from what the software defaults them as.

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