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Google Chrome and Avast are using most of the resources.  However, Internet Explorer, which I no longer use, is also high on the list.  I'm wondering whether I can click on "End Process" for Internet Explorer without interfering with the other programs.  As you noted, Avast updates could also be slowing things down.   
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« Last post by Boggin on Today at 12:57:36 AM »
Shane already supplies the Windows Repair program for repairing Windows computers, but Windows also has its own programs which can repair some things as well.

What did you have in mind ?
In Safe Mode with Networking all 3rd party programs are isolated, so they wouldn't have been the cause of the repair program not working, but if there was a problem with Avast when it is updating then that could cause sluggishness.

Were you able to find what was hogging the computer's resources and causing the sluggishness ?
General & Misc. / need software tools
« Last post by jr143 on October 22, 2018, 07:22:38 PM »
Hi, can you give me software tools for repairing computers ?
Thanks for the suggestions.  I've been using Avast as my antivirus program for several years.  More recently, AOL convinced me to subscribe to their "Superantispyware" program, but I started using this one well before the problem with the Windows Repair Tool began.  Nevertheless, as a test, I turned off both of these programs in order to determine whether they might be interfering with the Repair Tool.  The result was always the same--no transition from the initial file scan to the repair page.  In addition, I tried deleting and reinstalling the Windows Repair Tool, also to no avail.     
That could be your problem - have you thought about trying another browser ?

I don't have any experience of XP - I started with Win 7 but when the machine starts to get sluggish can you open Task Manager and check the Processes to see what is hogging the CPU and Memory.

Clicking on CPU or Memory will sort to highest user first.

Do you use an antivirus program and if so, which one ?

EDIT - I'm off to roost now as it's turned 12.30am here in the UK.
Every few days, the computer gets sluggish and seems to be struggling to perform the few tasks that I use it for, mainly e-mail, online shopping, and occasional searches for information about areas of interest.  After I run the Windows Repair Tool, the computer is usually back to normal.  I realize that Windows XP and the corresponding version of Google Chrome are no longer supported, but I think it's fun to continue to use them as long as possible
What I meant was what sort of problems are you getting with your XP that you need to run the repair program.
The initial "Startup Check" verifies that "all needed files are in the program folder and haven't been corrupted."  Once that is completed, the program normally would go to the repair page.  However, instead, the error message appears and terminates the program.  Since I have not made any recent changes in my software or hardware, I'm assuming (hoping) that there is an easily corrected glitch in the program itself. 
I should think so will he.

What problems are you getting on your XP ?
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