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Computer Help / Propagating Inheritable ACE's doesn't complete
« Last post by bpiela on June 30, 2020, 09:17:32 AM »
Hello all,

I am using Windows Repair v4.9 and when I run test #2, Reset File Permissions, it doesn't seem to get past the 4156th item out of 4180 items when Propagating Inheritable ACE's.  I rebooted and ran a chkdsk and it returned with no errors.  Any thoughts on if this is a real problem and what might be causing it?
Glad that worked for you as well.

Sometimes your antivirus program on checking files can retain them so they don't install.

In Safe Mode with Networking, all 3rd party programs including your AV program will be isolated, allowing legitimate installs.

That was the trick.  I installed it in safe mode, and all is well.

Thank you!
But it has been used by Win 10 2004 users, although I agree, Win 7 is also producing this error.

I don't know if in updating the repair program affects how the registry backup process works, but Shane is attempting to replicate it to see what is going wrong with the profile.
- Is this related to the last bug-ridden Windows 10 version ?

Update: I read that other thread. It's  not related to the latest Win 10 update.
Program & Site Requests / MOVED: Bug in Registry Backup (v3.53) part 2
« Last post by Boggin on June 29, 2020, 02:25:12 PM »
This topic has been moved to Programs & Site Help & Support
Shane is looking into the registry backup program because of the user profile error, but I'll pass on your complaint.
- There is another bug in Registry Backup v3.53.
- When I have the program set to make only one backup per day, then I still can manually make  more than one copie / backup of the registry.

Super Newby here. I am having the same issue with Windows 10.  :cry:  Should I also perform the reinstall in Safe Mode?

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