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Sorry to say that both discs had same error "... incompatible version..."

The issue is that the computer worked and "tweaking" Registry back up worked. No hardware changes - only new software.Then "tweaking" Registry back up stopped.

Looking at internet such as:

is this helpful as well above my pay grade? Seems to be for those who have non standard installations?

Computer Help / Re: Hi, can i repair user profile using tweaking com repair tool
« Last post by Boggin on July 24, 2020, 01:22:11 AM »
Offhand I would say it would be the first four repairs but the fact that a chkdsk /r has found bad clusters and you have boot problems, would suggest that your HDD is failing and I would advise you to create a system image onto external media soonest in preparation for complete failure.

If you perform another chkdsk it will tell you how many KBs it has found in bad sectors.

Once they start to go bad, they can expand exponentially which can leave you little time to take mitigation in preparation for complete failure.
Computer Help / Hi, can i repair user profile using tweaking com repair tool
« Last post by jraju on July 23, 2020, 07:50:06 PM »
Hi, If i have corrupted user profile, then there is a possibility of system collpse, including bsod and other kernel errors.
Which repair item in the tool will repair the user profile to remove the bad clusters etc.
just creating and copying, does not seem to fix this corrupted profile.
i do not know, if the correction has been done, without any indication.
if suppose, this feature is not present, i would please reques Shane and boogins team to include this in the repair tool.
if such repair is already present, kindly say which item i have to select.
My OS almost collapse, could not even boot, as i found a alert in suing chkdsk /r, that windows has replaced bad clusters in user/ntuser.dat.i think ntuser.dat is personal comuter settings of the individual about windows behaviour

many thanks

I couldn't understand that either.

I don't know why the universal disks didn't work either when they both worked fine on my Win 7 x64 Home Premium laptop.

I tested the newer ones by the same method and they also worked perfectly.

Anyway, I posted the other two disks about 10.30 this morning so hopefully you will get them by Friday.
Yes - tried the bought disk as well as your two discs.

Seems strange as I installed from the bought disc!

As you have clean installed Win 7 and have a valid retail key, you will not need to use Slui 3.

The product key you got with the disk will work if you have to perform a repair install on Win 7.

Have you tried the bought disk again yet - perhaps that's something to stick on your "To do" list.

It did not hang up on the logo but went to dialog box so I could set UK time and currency but US keyboard.

Only on the Repair it was rejected.

I still have to try " To do this, press the Windows key and r together then type Slui 3 into the Run box and press enter." but will tomorrow.

Trying to repair a "working but with Registry issues" computer and also find time to "work"

Thanks again

When using the universal install disk, did you use the dropdown to change the time and currency to English (United Kingdom) ?

I find it strange that the bought Win 7 Pro disk would not boot and hung on the Windows logo.

Can you try that disk again.
Many thanks again!

The HP Presario Computer came with Windows 10 and a normal hard disk.

Before using I changed the Hard disk to a blank solid state device and clean installed Window 7 pro, (bought new licence).

If I query for the Key then the computer shows a Windows 10 and Windows 7 licence.

Hope this helps?


PS - Added thought!  The Tweaking used to back up the Registry without any issue - so having two licences cannot be the issue

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