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Hi, I do not have any website. I requested mod and hence getting update information.  Normally Shane would update.  So I usually send the information. I can't update forum's software.

Hi, Please see this link
I just copied the link from my email, wherein i usually get smf program updates. pl also see the change log

the lilnk for download is given here
The latest version is 2.0.15
To the attention of Shane, Boggins , Julian

Thanks Samson, that reseating would have fixed it. Thanks again

Hi, Can i buy a video card and is it easy to fix it ? I do not mind getting a new video card, but how to fix it. Previously, those arae included in the motherboard itself. Pl give how ?
Regarding the original issue, can i sure be, the issue resolved with regard to page fault on nonpaged area due to ram issue?
Could that be the case for page fault in Ramdom Access Memory? Or was that issue concened with hard disk or OS files corrupted?

Hi, Thanks samson. I thought that it was auto tuned.
I enclose the result, and would like your opinion. The score is 2 in re scan.

Hi, Samson, sorry for late reply.
                             Yes , you are correct, i experienced BSOD for 3 times with the error page fault on non paged area in all the times. I viewed the minidump in nirsoft software.
                               I tried so much tweaks, but could not find the solutions. Then i thought of running windows memory test. On opening itself, i got alert of hardware failure found in yellow colour, but the test completed with no output in the reboot. I then called the technician to correct it, and he replaced the mother board with core 2 duo processor. I thought that would end the test period.
                               But again the problem persisted. Then i told him there is serious RAM problem, which was noted when i ran memtest diagnostic. He asked me to replace the RAM to a different slot and check. I did and memory test found no problem in windows diagnostic as well as in memtest86. memtest 86 took more tome to complete but finished without error.
                                How to check that BSOD has been resolved? Is there any idea? Pl give me a link to hardware check tool that will test and report the pass mark  for cpu,mb,and Ram , all in one software for free.How page fault on non paged area is related the RAM?
                                    How can i be sure that RAM is the cause of the BSOD i experienced. Pl reply

Hi, Samson Thanks for the link and explanation. If a processor is not supported in bios , but working, what is the meaning of it? He was having a dozen of processors. He would try one without the fan compartment, to see the graphics on the monitor. Some processors having higher  say 3.5 to 4 dis not show any letter in the monitor. I mean in the bios. Some gave the bios screen. He would then try from lower support version to higher support version, and then he has chosen 2-9 ghz processor.
He says that those model processors are out of stock in market.
Happy to learn from samson new things.
How to say that processor is working. There are some tech terms which i do not understand in cpu z detais.Now i do not have the boot problem. When he just replaced the mb, and fixed my previous processor of 2.666, i got blue screen of death some times and some times, auto boot change to cd dvd in bios.
               Samson, when i type the answer and tab  the space bar in laptop, sometimes, the cursor does jump to some other line in the previous writings. Why this behaviour? By the by , How are you, Boggins, Julian, and Shane. Shane is not coming to the site nowadays.

Computer Help / Re: (solved)Is Public google dns safe to be selected?
« on: November 04, 2017, 08:09:55 AM »
Hi, i give below. Due to the fact that i was informed by avast that my dns have been hacked, i switched to google dns and the log picture is when i use google dns in my router.Fearing that unknown servers at time access my router, i changed my router dns back to my service provider, which usually ended in usual scan result of dns hijack. I tried nslookup to those hijacked domains and it pointed to my ISP servers ip. I wrote to all concerned , to avast whether it is false positive to my ISP. No repliy came from any side.
                         Meanwhile, i chanced upon contacting the correct person in my service provider wing  and told about this . He has informed that those are blocked sites already and specific sites have been redirected to that ip. so, it is actually false positive to me then, and i reported the same to avast also. Now i know that it is a false alarm, as avast has included and it does not fetch the correct ips of those domains,  it always alerts as dns hijacked as a possible alert.
                              My query is when i changed to public google dns, i was having the weird problem of a unknown shinjiru server is shown as a dns server, along with the configured google dns.
                               i think i  made it clear .
                                  So, i queried if using public dns is safe or not ? If i use the google dns, i do not get the dns hijack alert, but some other problem of dns access. ok

Hi, Samson, Long time no see. Thanks. I tried to locate the zeb z31 mother board, which is not found on the site. I think , it is an old model board presently not being sold.I already downloaded the software from the same majorgeek and ran it. It shows, some results. But since, during the boot process, it shows as unsupported in its alert, i am asking whether it is working correctly. It shows that it supports intel pentium 4 mboards, which is showing the result in cpcud, i think that the present processor is supporting the mother board.
                         How to know that it is supporting technically.

Hi, boggins ,
                    I could not locate the post, but remember that you gave a specific link , where i was able to test the compatibility of ram and some other parts of system. Ij provides the alternative to the proposed one also. Ok will try to locate the link in my total posts

Computer Help / Re: (solved)Is Public google dns safe to be selected?
« on: November 04, 2017, 03:45:20 AM »
Please see. 1st post

hi, I changed the motherboard and processor. Some zeebros mother board and a processor. I had problem, initially, when the screen suddenly goes. I went to bios and disabled the fast boot, so i could look in to the process step by step. Yes, there was a message, that the processor attached to the mother board is not supported. I do not get exact processor since a technician fixed both mb and processor. Now, he changed the processor available with him . Now , booting shows the same message. But it getsto bios screen, when actually it shows the not supported processor to the mother board.
                          In one such replacement of the prcoessor available with him, the computer boots normally without any problem and so he fixed. It also shows the same not supported processor alert.
                              Now anyhow, it works . But can i check the compatibility of my fixed processor with mother board.
                             I heard that Boggins suggested a site, where ram could be tested for compatibility. Likewise, is there any simple check site, which does it to say, that i could use this processor . Motherboard is having no problem but it is a chip set.
                             I wish to state that higher versions say 4.0 version, if fixed, does not give any grahics and hence said not supported my system. Expecting reply

Computer Help / Re: (solved) Is Public google dns safe to be selected?
« on: November 04, 2017, 01:08:46 AM »
Hi, I will try these ip addresses. Now , i am having internet speed problem and once it is corrected, then i will change to it. Did you see shinjiro, website in my enclosure? That does not belong to google. So, i am hesitating to use google dns. No reply from google public dns support or forum on the clarifications sought.Thanks

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