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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: for kind attention of the admins tim and jim
« on: September 01, 2021, 09:24:38 pm »
Hi, what is this, via the emails are being received.

Is that the other server, that Shane is using. Or is it the spam filtering website, that is made as via
Normally I used to receive all my tweaking com mails in my Inbox and not in spam folder

Hi, Thanks boggins

Hi, please also see this alert from via website.
Why mails are sent via some other website
previously it was direct sending , i think.

Hi, see this enclosure, Not even one gmail is received in inbox

General Computer Support / Re: are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 29, 2021, 09:29:16 pm »
Hi, boggins, thanks for that
My dlink router gives me downstream attenuation as 30 and dividing it by 13.81, it is nearly 2.1 k.m and I get 12 mbps speed fixedly althrough the day.
thanks for the conversion factor.
your quote:
Dividing by 13.81 gives the approx length of cable between your home and the exchange and not the distance between your home and the exchange.
thanks for the explanation, now I understand that the middle junction box has no relation with the speed loss.

Feedback & Suggestions / for kind attention of the admins tim and jim
« on: August 29, 2021, 09:16:51 pm »
Hi, I am a member of this forum for long time.
I notice that all the tweaking com emails are received by me in my spam folder, whereas all were received in inbox previously. Kindly look in to that and correct.
Regarding adding a profile picture, I could not , as I was getting alert, forbidden,
I think the spam filter does not allow me to add.
I am given dynamic ip addresses so there is no chancce of continuous blocking by the spam filter.
I hope that you admins would look in to it.
Shane used to be a regular visitor to this web forum previously years back and I do not know if he visits this forum or not.
I remember him as a guide for my knowledge about basic things in computer .
Ok expecting your replies .

Boggin, thanks for the information. Who is tim tweaking, is he related to him and joined as admin
all the mails are coming in to the spam folder. Please check that , as I was always getting mails from this forum in inbox.
Please inform Shane about this.
I know your entry in to this forum and your valuable contributions.
For sometime, I was having gluacoma, so could not strain my eyes and just passed through,
Please also check if this is the latest version of smf version

hi, boggins thanks for the links
As I already said , pppoe is the mode my ISP  and I have a user id and password to get the connection speed everything.
But pppoe1 is what i ask about,
I find some drop down address of dlink website, is always enabled, which I do not know, whether I need it or not.
Regarding dns , yes, I know that it is a server service of my ISP.
regarding ddns, though I know, it is a dlink website server website, why it is there and always enabled.
Is it another dns server that is really needed for functioning of the router

General Computer Support / Re: are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 29, 2021, 04:27:45 am »
hi, boggins
your quote:
 Downstream Attenuation was about 51Dbm which divided by 13.81
what is this 13.81 is it common denominator.
is it the distance between exhange or junction box of all connections near my house, including mine to be taken in to account.
So, can i arrive at the km knowing the downstream attenuation

Is Shane still available at this forum or is there any change
I saw tim tweaking as administrator.
Please say , something on this .

General Computer Support / what is the difference between ddns and dns
« on: August 29, 2021, 04:10:26 am »
what is ddns . Is it different from dns .
pppoe is the connection channel mode by the service provider.
what is pppoe1,
I do not find anything about this connection.
what is it, please tell me .
I find pppoe1 in my ddns in router page.
If i select ----in that to disable the ddns, on next router boot, it again gets ticked again.

General Computer Support / Re: are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 29, 2021, 04:04:59 am »
thanks. boggin. all the mails have landed in spam folder.
thanks for the inormation

I could have opt fibre, but the service provider is not providing directly and it is being given by private agency, so , i am not sure about the service. the bb is directly provided by the service provider.
Ok, You said that due to the distance from the telephone exchange your speed was only 6 mbps.
Boggins , please tell, is the distance from the telephone exchange to your house or
the distance between the junciton box, where the lineman opens and repair whenever I have any issue with the telephone working.
the junction box is about 1 km , wire distance, where as the dslam or the exchange which is near 3km wire distance.
which is to be taken for speed loss

General Computer Support / Re: are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 24, 2021, 11:25:42 pm »
hI, THANKS that I know about .
would the wifi devices be also be working within this 12 mbps speed
This is what I want.
As you say, that router controls the wifi speed provided by ISP, the network is working only with this maxium 12 mbps speed, Is that correct.
Why cannot I include a profile picture.

General Computer Support / Re: are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 24, 2021, 02:51:14 am »
Hi, tweaking com mails are now shown in spam folder. why
Moreover, I thought of adding a profile photo in this forum, but I could not , I get alert , like spam alert.
regarding your reply that all the devices will be using their own required bandwidth from the internet speed, I have a doubt, why then we use 300 mbps capable wireless router with internet connectivity broadband connection, I do not know the reason.
So, each will one have a maxium of 12 mbps speed per second and the wireless devices connection is in a way is also controlled with the ISP. is that correct

General Computer Support / Re: are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 23, 2021, 08:58:59 pm »
Boggin, google result says, that it is another term for adsl 2+ with advanced wifi signal. Ok, the router has designed this time with the mode with g mode instead of name mode.
Please clear my doubt about sharing further.
If suppose, one has 12 mbps internet speed, you will get the same speed in all the devices connected with wifi also. This is the query that is not known to me.
some says, that it equally share the speed, but I have a doubt. As you say, the device having download will get more speed share than others.

I remember the other site of Shane, but forgot the name of it , it is wintool or something, in which there are softwares  regarding network devices.
I wish to ask router internal queries in that forum for my knowlledge.
If you remember please share the name of the website or lilnk.
Boggine, how is pandemic corona in your area. Have you vaccinated
I also remember Samson, who I did not contact for long time

General Computer Support / Re: are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 23, 2021, 01:49:22 am »
I also wish to state that my maximum broadband speed is the maximum bb speed plan, and i get 12 mbps as my house is about 2.5 of wire between dslam and my house.
My adsl router is having all dsl settings ticked, but I unchecked all below adsl to get the maximum speed.
when I select adsl, the router shows not as adsl but g992.5. in my new router dlink 2750u

General Computer Support / Re: are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 23, 2021, 01:40:39 am »
Hi, Boggins thanks for the reply.
I have seen the reply to day only, as I was awaiting reply.
though, I checked notifiy of replies, it has not reached my gmail.
Today, I thought of writing a reminder, when I saw your post.
thanks for the answer.
Boggin, I have a doubt.
Internet speed is given by my ISP and wireless speed is also shared from the internet and as such, controlled by the ISP.
Is it a facat, that if one has a plan of 12 mbps download speed internet plan, and if one uses devices such as mobile, laptop etc, the speed will be shared between the devices, or is it some other way of calculating the speed.
Is my presumption that every device on the network, say, in my case pc laptop mobile will get equal speed, say, 12 mbps, if they are just browsing the internet
If one device is downloading , then the speed will be the same, as in the downloading device.
I bought a n300 wifi router but having 2.4 ghz capacity in the Dlink company

General Computer Support / are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 14, 2021, 10:17:22 pm »
Hi, I have a dlink 2730u indian model wifi modem router, that supports wifi and it is called N150 , meaning that its speed is 150mbps on wifi.
I get my wifi access thro the lan ethernet connection on wifi support devices.
My presumption:
1. ISP has bandwidth control on the broadband speed with the plan that I select.
2. The router has been connecting the wifi devices  on the access point provided in the  router.
3. Eventhough, the ISP provide access point via the ethernet connection by telephonic wire , he has no control over the wifi speed accessed  with my router.
4. I have a 2.4 ghz speed router, which supports minium speed , and If i change the router to a 5ghz speed router, then i could get more speed on my wifi devices, the dual wifi router would give better speed and area coverage.
5. The ISP has no say on the speed of the wifi and it is entirely controlled by the router wifi power.
Please say, what I have presumed are correct , point by point, so that i will buy a new router that supports 5ghz speed

Hi, I think that SHane , boggins have changed the forum topics to 4 from the previous topics.
where i could find my posts, that i would have suggested as useful tricks or tweaks to other members.
as the topic at present suggest only 4 topics.
were they clubbed under everything else.
please say.
when this new frames were introduced by Shane and Boggins.

Hi, I mean the integrating updatesin image iso.
preparing updates to add to the install.wim.
please check that your mails are received in spam folder in my gmail

Hi, boggins, i am not able to edit my post and see this, it is lading...... i tried by restarting modem etc

Hi, Ok thank you boggins.
I had raised the query of viewing the updatess file in the installation image , that i have integrated or slipstreamed.
i have not asked for the running windows updates.
I am asking you a kind of reverse checking.

Hi, There are methods of integrating and slipstreaming of updates and other fixes like service stack update.
But what i want is , how to post check, if all have gone well
can i check the install wim folder if everything integrated  have been copied to the instllation iso.
one more sub query:
if i install the same to check if every process is correctly going, if by using the virual clone drive by mounting and unmounting, will it affect like rebooting as has been normal while installing windows
can i unmount, the same without any damage to tje exostomg suste,
Cam i just mount and view if the updates are integrated
expecting replies

Hi, boggins please delete the 2nd picture as i do not know how to delete myself.
will enclose the picture in my next post

Hi, boggins,
i enclose both smart status from crystal info light software, and hdd sentinel
i also tried wmic and diskdrive get status which found to be ok.
Would it not auto correct the unreadable sectors in hdd.
ok will send the chkdsk report after it completes for the second time

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