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Hi, Thanks for the tips. I have asked you in the context of using terminal commands in my windows system. Windows system differs from linux.
So, i tried some linux commands in windows, which shows that the command does not exist or inoperable errors.
There the problem arises. Some command line options are given, but when executed in windows cmd, i get this kind of errors.
Ok, thanks to you for the tips.

Hi, Samson,
i am not exposed to programming in my days, but i  would love to learn it for simple tasks that need manual ways.
after creating some shortcuts, and using this bat file, the result is achieved. It auto starts and also ran the command to give me the results.
The desktop command, i never heard has been taken from a forum thread.
The other lines are just beginning lines taken from another thread.
Kitty exe is from another thread. By trying so much, now i could execute the task.
Samson, kindly tell, if the ssh session to router is risky, if pw is supplies to the exe window for auto login purpose.
I first tried telent and i heard that it is not safe. I do not know about ssh security, but knows that it is safer than telnet client.
But i have a simple problem. The program opens up, the program window along side the terminal window.
How to not show the program window, is there any trick?
First let me hear from you about the safety of talking  to my router page only with ssh.
And also say, if we can change the router password , by supplying password calender to safeguard the router access by one more layer of security.
i am daily having alerts of router security from google subscription on router risks.
I will share the lines , if router talk is not risky after hearing from you and boggins.
And also tell me where to start my initial level of programming in the present situtation.
I tried automation thro selenium ide, but it is a kind of url passing thro, some other server so, i did not proceed .
expecting your reply

Boggin and Samson,
    The main purpose of creating a task to open the router page  is to monitor the speed at any given time or at fixed hours.
The second reason is to avoid group dynamic ips, in which i saw  the speed is reduced to about 3 mbps speed.
The third is automating a task will not harm you , if the ssh is secured with regard to the router remote log in.
One more point is . The terminal actual commands are reboot, config, show, sh, diganostics menu.
In show , if you expand you get one menu status, which i combine to get the show status diagram as per the diagram i enclosed.
What i want is what should effectively continue the automation from the $ prompt to execute the show status.
Group dynamics i came to understand that a big vendor or company gets a bulk of ips, dynamic ips , that are shared with all users of the ISP. But i noticed a reduction of speed of download, when i am allotted in any one of them rather than individual user dynamic ips.
i do not know the reason for it, but i will reboot the router to get the individual dynamic ip, which suddenly restores the speed.
i do not know much about those things.
if i monitor router stat, then these will come in handy and i could just reboot and also watch the dsl speed without any third party programs

Hi, Samson, using klink.exe of kitty alert for password and the passowrd is not visible to verify. If it is correct, then it allows to $ prompt and from there i could just issue command Show Status to get the result. But GIVING Passoword for everylogon is annoying.
GUI version allows the remote command to be executed without any password .
Please see the enclosed txt file

Hi, Samson thanks for the input. But telnet is not secured and so, i use the ssh client kitty.
So from you , i understand that ash is a telnet prompt and $ is ssh prompt . am i correct.
PuTTy is not usr friendly and so i use Kitty a fork version of putty.
I tried public key private key but still could not log on automatically and also the Remote command box in Putty is not at all working.
But , in kitty i could execute the remote command , the command being Show Status, thats all. I get useful statistics.Samson, pl confirm, if the prompt $ is a ssh prompt.
The GUI is easy to operate. Now the exe opens thro task scheduler. But i have to press START or OPEN button tab in kitty to get the results.
Here i need a solution.
i could give path upto exe, if an argument could be added to execute the Tab OPEN or start also .
Is telnet prompt different from ssh prompt
So the command is not unix command. i thought that $ is a prompt of unix language
please clarify.
HI, boggin,
I have tried but from numerous source, i heard that telnet is less secured , and so i switched to ssh programs.
Hope to receive the solution

Hi, I also wish to know, if the unix prompt i am getting is a separate command like screen opening? or in the command prompt in itself.
Because, i could not select all the text and paste it as is available in command prompt.
Is the $ prompt different from # prompt.

hI, EXPERTS, i know that it is not a command prompt, when i get the access thro, the kitty. it is unix prompt and so, how to invoke a tab in the enclosed applicaation.
is there a way out

hI, I HEREWIth enclose the model ouotput, if i click the start or open tab after the task is getting executed by the task scheduler.
the black cmd is unlike normal cmd, where you could select and paste as a txt.
i think , it is a different cmd, linux prompt, where i could not select and paste.
But here i get the result of what i want.
Is there any trick to auto click a tab, by code in arguments
hope to receive experts ideas
moreover, when i save as a print screen file, on opening i find it the horizontal frame is like moving at both ends.

Hi, i made settings in Kitty Software in  a such way that it autologs and issue a command to access the status page of my router. My router is designed in such a way.
I have succeeded in creating a task to open the exe in task scheduler daily at requested hours to check the speed and other details of the router stat.
Now i want to know and if possible give me command line help in windows to activate a tab Open or Start automatically to get the task executed.
Now, the appplication opens up as per settings in task scheduler. I have to press open or start to get the result. i want this opetion to be added in task scheduler either in start a program box or in arguments box, so that it executes the next command of open or start to auto execute and get the router page results instead of application open page. i think , i made it clear .
How to execute a tab in an applilcation thro command prompt.

Computer Help / Re: command line batch file help from experts
« on: January 31, 2019, 04:32:07 AM »
have surfed thro net. Tried programs. not getting  any router stat.
Samson or Julian could help me in coding or any other experts
i tried some commands, but i do not know programming. That is the issue

Computer Help / Re: command line batch file help from experts
« on: January 31, 2019, 12:50:12 AM »
Yes. Nope

Computer Help / Re: command line batch file help from experts
« on: January 31, 2019, 12:42:58 AM »
Hi, my router name is not included in the list and i tried but could not get the details

Computer Help / Re: command line batch file help from experts
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:36:27 PM »
Hi, it is not about threat, i am using mbm and adware cleaner
what i want is monitoring the router statistics every few hours instead of logging and knowing.
I want help in creating batch files
i am total newbie in programming.
Now i use a long route to go to cmd as admin and then issue those commands to get the stat.
i do not want to login as alternative
please kindly provide code help of cmd batch file
boggins, sasmon, juliun

General & Misc. / Re: Pleasegive the link of the Shane's other website
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:28:57 PM »
Hi, Thanks Samson
Hi, thanks boggin
Hi, samson, i thought of writing a mail to you.
found it is disabled at your end.
I thought of asking the cmd code thro you.

General & Misc. / Pleasegive the link of the Shane's other website
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:39:44 AM »
Hi, i forgot the link to the other site Shane is having.
Would be happy if the link is given.

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