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Hi, boggins , I tried all the tricks. But free version has a catch in it. Any action other than viewing , needs advanced paid version.
My query is it will not allow during install, anything delete format all menus are greyed when you mouseover this partition in the advanced install menu.
I tried to look in to the diskpart and disk management. nothing showed up of these unallocated partitions.

Hi, Partition wizard by minitools shows a 1mb unalloacted space in my total 465 gb hdd. This small partition shows, when I reinstall after formatting. This could not be deleted , formatted to or it does not allow anything on this . The space is 0 as seen .
This does not show in disk management or using diskpart commands.
Can I safely delete using the partition wizard .Will it affect in my booting. As this is out of c: or D: , where 100 mb is taken by the system in the C: partition when we allot the partition size during reinstall.
Why this is not shown in disk management or disk part commands
Will deleting this , affect my booting process
can i add this to my hdd storage .
I think that this unallocated space is giving trouble in giving system errors
N B: it shows 2 partitions on unallocated in logic on closer look.

Hi, Thanks .
But company pcs would have some outdated components.
But I do feel that company built pcs would have no compatible problems of components.
Let me get this details from you.
what are so many builds in windows 10.
Windows have the latest edition of ultimate in windows 7 64 bit and only updates and service packs for them.
But here in windows 10, i know that there are 2 versions , home and pro.
But what about so many builds in that . are they mere updates or separate sub OSes in these two home and pro
little bit confusing..
are dvds available for windows 10 .
I ask this query, as companies system would be OS pre installed
if suppose, there is problem unforseen in mobo, then how could i reinstall the OS.
thaks for your advice on company pcs

Hi, I am thinking of buying windows 10 for all practical purposes.
Company sells hardware with os is one way of doing it.
prefered parts and then assembling and install Os is another way of doing it.
For windows 7 , I have chosen the second way.
The dvd was there to install with key.
But Now, there is no dvd . just a key and then installation of OS.
So, I think companies made pcs with windows will be having compatible hardware , like main parts, cpu,motherboard,ram,graphics card, audio system,smps,dvd drives for specific hard disk size.
The OS preinstalled like windows pro 10 64 bit.
On the other hand, our own choice of these products and obtaining key and then install OS iso.
Here we can be choosy about the spare parts brand lke intel chip, inter processors , prefered cabinet,prefered sound system video card etc.
plese also say, will there be so much cost between home and pro version
Expecting a detailed reply

can I add more memory to my system
Mother board details
   Manufacturer   To be filled by O.E.M.
   Model   To be filled by O.E.M. (CPU 1)
   Version   To be filled by O.E.M.
   Chipset Vendor   Intel
   Chipset Model   Q33
   Chipset Revision   A2
   Southbridge Vendor   Intel
   Southbridge Model   82801GB (ICH7/R)
   Southbridge Revision   A1
   System Temperature   25 ?C
         Brand   American Megatrends Inc.
         Version   080014
         Date   8/26/2016
         CPU CORE   1.008 V
         MEMORY CONTROLLER   1.008 V
         +3.3V   3.360 V
         +5V   5.040 V
         +12V   7.026 V
         VIN5   1.008 V
         VIN6   1.008 V
      PCI Data
peccy memory details
Memory slots
   Total memory slots   4
   Used memory slots   2
   Free memory slots   2
   Type   DDR2
   Size   4096 MBytes
   Channels #   Dual
   DRAM Frequency   398.9 MHz
   CAS# Latency (CL)   6 clocks
   RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD)   6 clocks
   RAS# Precharge (tRP)   6 clocks
   Cycle Time (tRAS)   18 clocks
   Command Rate (CR)   2T
Physical Memory
   Memory Usage   44 %
   Total Physical   3.00 GB
   Available Physical   1.66 GB
   Total Virtual   6.00 GB
   Available Virtual   4.06 GB
   Number Of SPD Modules   2
      Slot #1
      Slot #2
At present I am having win 7 64 bit with 4gb ram
i have given mother board and memory particulars
please say , whether I can increase the memory to 8gb

i enclose the scan result Boggin. Why this

Hi, I found the link at last.
It is boggins post 2 in the post link,3047.msg21096.html#msg21096
Today, I tried the same llink , but the scan was not successful I get error  in scan

I forgot the website name in england that tests your mem stick capacity with your mother board compatibility. It gives the present ram and how much you could add with the motherboard you have.
I think that this website was recommended by Boggins in my posts queries.
I could not locate the post to know the website.
Any body or Boggin would give me the link of the website.

When Shane was the administrator and answerer, this forum would alert to provide capcha to enter the site, if the spam filter finds any suspicious ips. I think, that it has gone out from alerting members of infected ips and check with capcha and query to enter in to this forum for genuine users.
I think that I am a genuine users for years .
Since, that feature has been removed , there is no chance to fix annoying message of forbidden from a reputed website.

As the picture could only be taken in a flash of seconds, i could not take a better picture.
When I try to include a enclosure, I get Loading ...... ulitmately with error message.
When I try to change the browser also, the same thing happened.
So only i have enclosed thro imgbb, which is also not correctly opens.
Finally imgur website link opened and so, i enclosed the picture.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: what has happened to fix the spam , jpm
« on: April 09, 2022, 10:07:40 pm »
I wish to  close this topic as no clue or reply has been received from the concerned admins.

please see this link

Hi, I am trying please see

Hi, I tried to edit my answer. I could type but could not save it. What has happened

hi, boggins , please write a general reply so that I could check , if it shows as spam in chrome related gmail access or show in Inbox.

May be you are correct. I think that you use chrome browser.
When I accessed the website thro chrome browser, newly downloaded , i had no problem in searching.
Probably Firefox does not support java in its present version.
Are you using chrome browser.
My default browser is firefox for long years, and I think they have totally stopped support to java in any form.
Since you advise enable java script, I thought of chrome browser and I think that chrome supports default java scripts at all sites.
But one think to note:
the spam catcher alert is then totally wrong that I am using network connection of high risk category. Is that correct?

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: what has happened to fix the spam , jpm
« on: April 05, 2022, 05:14:44 am »
Still I am getting all the emails from tweaking com in spam folder.
Even when I click Looks safe, the next mail lands in spam.
I can only bring it to the admins
Let us await admins action

I do not think that msoft would be maintaining the update catalogue for long time.
So many links of microsoft get you 404 error
So, I was thinking of slipstreaming all updates , so that I need not search for updates.
update history page, is , i think , a not right place to look , as failed updates could have been successful in the latest attempt and it will be given as failed and then success.
What is the order of update that I should slipstream is the query

Hi, I have used all the commands. After the first command, I was asked to reboot.
After rebooting, I issued other commands and everything executed without any error.
But, When I search in my profile posts, I get the same alert again.

Hi, I have used netsh before the command. I have used the full command and getting the error

Hi, boggins in a way, but I want only all the updates for windows 7 64 bit chronologically. Can we filter that
Moreover, the updates are to be installed in the order in which msoft has given from back dates to the latest days. Am I correct? Or the order could be anyway when I am slipstreaming?
will try to filter
But I remember you have given a list , exclulding telemetry and other unwanted updates

When I use the first command  i get this message
the follwing command was not found: int ip winsock reset catalog.
Is there any miss on my part

*** Forbidden. Please enable JavaScript. Your IP belongs to a high spam risk network. ***

? Back
I could post reply and view the threads. But when I search say by typing window updates in search, i get the above warning.
what is wrong
Atleast there must be a way to find the genuine users to allow, but it simply went back to the page

hi, boggins,
                I remember that you have enclosed the list of chronological window updates for windows 7 in one of your replies to the query long back.
I could not find the thread. I also remember that you have given the number of exact updates up to that time and in a chronological basis.
I want to slipstream the window updates in the install media.
Your tips really helped me to integrate the sp1 with windows.
I have a doubt. That mere selecting all updates without chronological order would not be working when you install the OS from the media. Is it not
Or those programs like ntlilte, would auto sort the updates while integrating, i do not know.
I think the windows will try to update from top to bottom in the order in which you have included the update package.
So, if I just could find that thread, I will be able to arrange by that order to a workable install media in windows update integration.
What I have is service stack updates , roll on updates, and security updates, optional updates of msu files in separate folders If I suppose, select all files in service stack updates, then can I presume that all the updates will be integrated. Then I can select security update msu folder and select all, please I hope you understand what I ask

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