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Hi skip redirect add on prevented loading of the pages , because it stops all stredirects.I disabled and ran the tool, but could not get the results. It sys that it could not find the information that my system could upgrade.
is there any alternative sites

Hi, i could not run the scan. it just produce nothing. Is it coountry specific. should i order to get the recommended ram

Computer Help / Re: How to get rid of http redirects to suspicious sites
« on: November 05, 2018, 05:37:35 AM »
Hi, samson i  i have escalated this to the top lutof the bsnl. they will certainly look at it.
But i also had doubt above rogue players in the middle .
as a temp solution i have installed google chrome with add on skip redirect and alo remove redirect everywhere. that  temporarily fixed the  matter.
Instead of adblocker, i use these two add ons . I sincerely feel it is kind of http hijacking with some scripts. Nowadays firefox is lacking something secure browsing.

Hi, i found the solution. I updated to the latest version of free macrium. Then open the menu. There is othertasks in the top left corner, next to the backup windows menu. Just click it and it gives the menu of creating a usb rescue disk.
It is better to update to the existing version, as it said that there was some bsod for people who used the older version. I have win seven and no problem in creating the rescue disk. the menu changed thats all. But it contains important updates , which were not available in older version.could n ram
thanks boggin.coulddide query: i remember you have given link for knowing the maximum possible ram my system could have. would you please say. i could not recollect the page or link.
i amhaving one gb minimt um required , but want to upgrade ram.
when i tab space bar, the cursor goes to previous lines. any fix for it

Computer Help / How to get rid of http redirects to suspicious sites
« on: November 03, 2018, 05:52:40 AM »
Hi, whenever i click the link in ccleaner, for eg download, imgburn, download , and speedtest ookla site when pres using GO button, i am redirected to  :angry:to ultimate fake flipkart site, to login, or install java in fake java site,or flash player in fake adobe sites.
first of all, i want to know, whether the redirects are allowed by the site owners of these sites using their own programs to redirect to those sites or
is it because of third rogue party doing something in these genuine sites or
is it because of the Isp allowing those things voluntarily. pl let me know and also give me solution to completely get rid of this .
sometimes, it goes to the site one time or sometimes two times and the third click ultimately goes to the correct page of download or seeing the speed results.
may i have your views on this and solutions

Computer Help / please tell me how to make rescue usb disk macrium reflect
« on: November 03, 2018, 04:18:54 AM »
Hi, i . want to upgrade my xp laptop to windows 7. I want to take up backup of all the folders of xp, including all the drives . i have downloaded the latest version of mreflect and is backing up the drive. I think i have to create a rescue disk using a usb to boot and shwo the restore menu.
I forgot, which part of the download link that it provides  the link to create a usb rescue disk.
would it show, when backup finishes, or should i create it separately. I forgot and so i ask.
samson has given me sweet tips then , but i lost the tips.
if any could give the procedure of just creating the resscue disk, and the link for it and how to go on would be very helpful to me.
now i am backing up and if a speedy solution is given it will be useful to me.hoping toget a jet reply from.
could it be done separately or should it be done , if it prompts. please

Computer Help / Re: Are those settings correct? in network adapter
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:03:18 AM »
Hi, Yes checked the particulars in Router status page shows
Alias Name    DSL-2730U
Firmware Version    IN_1.11
Uptime    0 7:31:7
Date/Time    Fri Jun 8 13:31:5 2018
Built Date    Dec 29 2014 13:43:56

Computer Help / Re: Are those settings correct? in network adapter
« on: June 07, 2018, 12:20:19 AM »
No. I bought and configured by the service provider. My os is windows7 ultimate

Computer Help / Re: Are those settings correct? in network adapter
« on: June 06, 2018, 11:58:56 PM »
Hi,S, you are correct .it is dlink 2730u new model.
Hi,boggins, the driver is from the same link
I did notice that Ethernet light takes time to get reconnected while start or restar[

Computer Help / Re: Are those settings correct? in network adapter
« on: June 06, 2018, 06:32:01 AM »
Hi, it is not the concern. The connection is lost for other devices also, because of this , like smartphone and other devices we use.
Whenever i start and troubleshoot, if the internet light is red, i get Your broadband modem is experiencing connectivity issue alert and , i have to reboot the router/modem, so other devices download upload and everything break

Computer Help / Re: Are those settings correct? in network adapter
« on: June 06, 2018, 05:41:52 AM »
Hi, Samson,I disabled but the problem persists.
When you start the windows, the starting windows screen followed by 4 colour ui starts. This is when i am experiencing cut of both dsl and internet . Ofcouors, it tries and reconnects it .The clue:
The blinking of dsl and intertnet light is normal duration.
I want to fix this problem somehow, but it is taking time still.
Hi, Samson, can i use a usb adapter ethernet to connect and get the internet connection? Is it possible?
I mean, just connect the usb port and then connect the ethernet port with the present ethernet cable connected to the modem.
Will it work? other than the usual ethenet port

Computer Help / Re: Are those settings correct? in network adapter
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:54:32 AM »
Hi, It is also happening randomly when the windows is running. So, i am trying. But, you would have seen the default entry also side by side.
As raised by me in the other thread, can i buy an adopter to connect my ethernet.
If i do so, what would happen to the motherboard adapter.
I will try to explain.
If i attach a usb ethernet adapter, will i get internet at all? as this port would have no connection with the network card?
Is the speed is creating this disturbance at start and at times randomly

Computer Help / Are those settings correct? in network adapter
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:12:07 AM »
Hi, I enclose there with the network adapter settings.Normallly these selected items are taken by a software, as otherwise, i have to take each setting picture separately as a jpg.
Ok, To fix the problem of internet light blinking during startup, along with dls light, i tried some changes in the default settings of the adapter. This is the latest available driver from for my network adapter.
Still the problem is persisting, and i want you to check, if i have disabled or enabled correctly. Ofcourse, i made some changes to try to fix my problem.
For eg. some lan settings have been disabled like ipv6 etc..
Can i change the settings here. It is because, of ethernet port, that i am having the problem. ethernet port is connected to motherboard ethernet card, Manual checking of that port does not produce the problem and hence change in the network adapter settings.
I could easilly change those to default, but i have a doubt, that if those default settings are giving this problem, as the driver would be the fresh date whereas the device is of older one.
Please advisse how to go about from here.
are there any specific effects it would have on speed and other things in internet access like security flaw, please experts


Hi, When you reply , kindly do not use words that would hurt the feelings of the solution giver.
Your query ends without much details, so that moderator could only give general solutions.
You said pop up menu. That should be context menu. You find only take owner ship in context menu.
Anyfile could be taken ownership, if you go to the advanced menu, and change the ownership of the file to be accessed by the user account.
It is easy to edit , the ownership tab in the advanced menu in properties, from administrators to users by giving full power in editing the same.
What you try to achieve would be then possible

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