Last updated at: 11/05/2023

General Questions

What is Windows Repair?

Windows Repair is intended to repair your computer when something breaks or after a virus or other malware has changed your default settings. Everything in Windows is stored in the registry, so most problems can be resolved by restoring the default registry setting for the problem you have. Windows Repair has a database of tens of thousands of default registry settings to save you the trouble of being forced to reinstall or reset Windows. All repairs are Free.

Is Windows Repair really free?

Windows Repair began as a free project to help people repair their computers. As it grew in popularity, people wanted to make donations, so we decided to offer a Pro version with extra tools to thank you for your support. All the repairs remain free. You can purchase a license at https://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html

I purchased a key but lost it.

Enter the email address used to purchase the program at https://resend.tweaking.com.

Installation Questions

I get a sharing violation when installing?

A sharing violation is almost always because your antivirus is still scanning the download or has quarantined it as a false positive. Temporarily disable your antivirus.

I get “A debugger has been found running in your system” error when installing?

You can reboot and try again or temporarily disable your antivirus or add Windows Repair to your antivirus whitelist.