Tweaking PC Repair PRO

Take your PC performance to the next level.
Tweaking will help you fix known Windows problems, broken updates, clean junk files, and much more. Tweak your PC and bring it back to optimal performance!

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Yearly Tech License

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Boost your PC performance and take it to the next level

With over 20 years at the forefront of optimizing Windows, Tweaking knows exactly what your PC needs to thrive.

Repair Windows Updates

Fix issues caused by broken updates for Windows.

No-stress updates

Fix Registry isues

Optimize your Registry and fix incorrect or corrupt entries, keys, and permissions.

Clean and optimized

Advanced back-up

Create system restore points and backup the Registry before making changes, so you can easily revert to the previous state.

Save and reload

Avoid infections

Keep Windows Defender and Firewall running smoothly while repairing damage left by previous malware infections.

Safeguard and restore

Dodge Internet issues

Repair Proxy and DNS settings to re-establish the full power of your internet connection.

Keep it going

Tweaking is used by millions worldwide

Dora Dwayne T.


Fixed my Windows Update

Wasn't able to complete Windows updates for a few days, kept getting stuck at 90%. Looked it up online and came across this Windows Repair tool and gave it a try. I used the free version and ran the Windows Update option in Repairs and it worked! The updates didn't get stuck again.

Dennis Byron


I trust it

I have been a computer programmer, main frame operator, and a PC tech for 30 years.Tweaking got me out of a couple nasty situations.

Maartena Van Dril


Great support for solving my computer issue

I had for a long time a Kernel-Power 41 error on my Windows 11 laptop. Several blue screens on a day and I had tried many things. I tried Tweaking and it didn’t solve my issue on the first try, so I contacted the support team and they gave me a specific answer to solve it.



Great software

It does exactly what it says and works smoothly. It got rid of some hanging errors and made my PC faster.

Mamata Pal


Check before you tweak

Most of the items tweaked are not that important, but if you put all things into perspective, it’s a software that does exactly what it says.



Was skeptical, but it worked

I try out lots of software, but this one managed to bring back my computer’s performance up to par.

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Run all standard repairs and tools
Create and restore registry backups
Change the program’s color scheme
Use in non commercial environments
Access to 15 advanced repairs, tools, tweaks, and more
Use in commercial environments per PC
Use in commercial environments on unlimited PCs (Tech)
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60-day money back guarantee

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60-day money back guarantee

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60-day money back guarantee