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Thanks, I'll try that this evening.

Thanks, it worked for everything but the Groups folder.

Thanks for the idea, I'm busy at work right now but I'll try it this evening. I'll let you know how it goes.

This works for folders that you have created but doesn't work for folders that Microsoft  "Thinks" or should I say  "Demands" you need! I'm referring to the Archive, RSS feeds, Conversation History and Search Folders folders! Some of these you can remove but they automatically come back in a couple of minutes. I never using folders and all they do is take up screen space so I can see less information on my screen. FYI I'm referring to Outlook that if part of the Office 365 installation.

Unfortunately, that gets rid of them for a few moments and then Outlook/Microsoft immediately restores them! I need a way to get rid of them permanently if they don't come back.

General Computer Support / Removing folders from Microsoft Outlook
« on: June 06, 2021, 04:46:30 PM »
Is there any way to delete folders from Microsoft outlook accounts that you don't use? I'd like to clean up the layout of my accounts in Microsoft Outlook so it's easier to find what I'm looking for. I don't use the archive, RSS feeds, search folders or conversation history folders and getting rid of them would make things much easier.

Thanks for the idea but unfortunately the format for that is very different in office 365.

General Computer Support / Outlook Keeps Sending Files to Junk Folder
« on: March 21, 2020, 01:36:51 PM »
Outlook 365 keeps sending files to the Junk Folder even though I have put those sites in "Never Block The Sender's Domain". 1 of the sites in particular is

Any ideas?

the last update of the repair program fixes some rather tough update issues. Try those repairs and see if it helps.
I did that over the weekend with what at that time was the latest update.  I'm going to try again later today.


Have a good one!

Glad to hear it.
That was okay - it reported it couldn't ID the problem which means there wasn't one.

That will be addressed to see what it says.

Unfortunately, that didn't affect the ability to update the store items at all.  After I checked that and then returned to manual and rebooted I went over and checked the Windows updates again they looked okay but when I ran the Windows update troubleshooter it told me that there were pending updates?  I let it fix the problem but no new updates were installed?

And I don't talk you before that have a good nights sleep.

Thanks, I'll be interested see what he comes up with after thinking on it!

Sounds good

No problem, I certainly appreciate the help and suggestions.  I would keep playing around and see what I come up with.  As long as it is only affecting updates to the store I'm not going to worry about a complete reinstallation of Windows at this time.

I downloaded and installed the updated version of the update program and ran it.  After that I went and checked for updates and actually an update was installed.  I ran a troubleshooter and it came up clean.  However, when I went to try the window store I still get the same error when I try to run update there.

I reset wsreset last evening and didn't see any results.  If you said I tried many long list of commands you had earlier but kept getting it come up saying it couldn't find the specified file like you did for you.  I'll go and try updating and running the new version of his program now.

It's going to take until sometime this evening to be able to do this.  I'll send you a reply as soon as we get it done.

Okay we just did the cold start, didn't see any changes.  The troubleshooter came back saying the same thing and running it didn't make anything change either.

Okay, I ran: "dism.exe /image:C:  /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions" from the  x:\> prompt and it ran successfully from everything I saw.

I then rebooted went to the Windows settings/updates and ran the troubleshooter.  It still showed me that there updates pending, it says it clears them but when I run it again they are still there.  I also tried running updates and it didn't update anything.

Based on this I still went ahead and tried to updating the window store, figured I had nothing to lose, and of course as expected the updates didn't install and came back with the same error again.

Yes I do, I keep there in case I have to reset my system.

I need to eject it and try again?

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