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Hi,     I want to play movie or flv files in a selected order. Even changing the settings in the playlist in the preference menu, and saving, the files are being played in only in random order. Is there any solution for this. How to play the first selected file first, second by second etc. I have gone through the other help articles also but could not find the solution. Even not selecting the random and select repeat all does not solve the problem. Would you please help in this regard

expecting your reply


           I have a iso file of size about 9g.b containing video files. But i want to reduce further the same iso to fit in to normal 4.7 g.b ,(so that i can open the contents and copy) with no opening problem. is there any free software to download and use.what the size of the shrink file

Hi,    I used to get email alerts on my mobile from a trusted site, i do not want to mention. But , for the past two days, there was a warning that the server did not accept my incoming mails and want me to wait for some days.
        I have chosen this service for it is free and thought dependable. Hi, Shane, sir, now i realise that they could simply deactivate my account so i could not get pass on to see e my emails. I have not deactivated it.
       In simple words, i have forwarded my mails to a party and then i get the email alerts on my phone. This is the usage of forwarding emails option in the gmail.
        To day, i log in to your website and come to the forum to see the replies, which i could not from my gmail.
          Shane, sir, is it possible for the third party to view the contents of the mail, as i learnt that only electronic signals would go their server and return the mails to us. If the case is otherwise, then i can stop my forwarding services to that party. waiting for your valuable reply
          Whenever i come to your forum, i feel happy that i am getting suitable answers to my question. How to use bolding etc in the provided mailbox

General Computer Support / Strange network connection icon
« on: February 25, 2013, 10:18:28 pm »
       I have noticed the network icon in a strange manner. Before hand, the icon was different. It seems that icon has changed to a minimum. But the speed of the internet do not have any problem. Is there any idea, how to correct it. was there any wrong connection in the telephone or modem switches. But my modem and telephone works perfectly


General Computer Support / site report from avs pl check
« on: February 19, 2013, 04:45:42 am »

                    Please find enclosed herewith the site report of this site. kindly clarify

Hi,    when i am trying to copy from a disc to my pc. i get this error. Is there any registry problem.or is a copyright issue. My friend gave me a cd, already copy one, and when i tried to copy the same to pc, i get this error.What is this? there is error code like x some numerc numbers. How to solve

General Computer Support / browser hijack of search engines
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:47:43 am »

            As every one knows that there are indirect injected programs in free download, which make compromised the computers and changes the browsers without users consent. Do the tweak com do something about in its all in windows repair program. To mention a few, funmood, incredible, babylon, and newly claro. It is doing the registry damage, which is very hard to find. As these are not virus, AVS do not find.

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