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Hi, Partition wizard by minitools shows a 1mb unalloacted space in my total 465 gb hdd. This small partition shows, when I reinstall after formatting. This could not be deleted , formatted to or it does not allow anything on this . The space is 0 as seen .
This does not show in disk management or using diskpart commands.
Can I safely delete using the partition wizard .Will it affect in my booting. As this is out of c: or D: , where 100 mb is taken by the system in the C: partition when we allot the partition size during reinstall.
Why this is not shown in disk management or disk part commands
Will deleting this , affect my booting process
can i add this to my hdd storage .
I think that this unallocated space is giving trouble in giving system errors
N B: it shows 2 partitions on unallocated in logic on closer look.

Hi, I am thinking of buying windows 10 for all practical purposes.
Company sells hardware with os is one way of doing it.
prefered parts and then assembling and install Os is another way of doing it.
For windows 7 , I have chosen the second way.
The dvd was there to install with key.
But Now, there is no dvd . just a key and then installation of OS.
So, I think companies made pcs with windows will be having compatible hardware , like main parts, cpu,motherboard,ram,graphics card, audio system,smps,dvd drives for specific hard disk size.
The OS preinstalled like windows pro 10 64 bit.
On the other hand, our own choice of these products and obtaining key and then install OS iso.
Here we can be choosy about the spare parts brand lke intel chip, inter processors , prefered cabinet,prefered sound system video card etc.
plese also say, will there be so much cost between home and pro version
Expecting a detailed reply

I forgot the website name in england that tests your mem stick capacity with your mother board compatibility. It gives the present ram and how much you could add with the motherboard you have.
I think that this website was recommended by Boggins in my posts queries.
I could not locate the post to know the website.
Any body or Boggin would give me the link of the website.

*** Forbidden. Please enable JavaScript. Your IP belongs to a high spam risk network. ***

? Back
I could post reply and view the threads. But when I search say by typing window updates in search, i get the above warning.
what is wrong
Atleast there must be a way to find the genuine users to allow, but it simply went back to the page

Feedback & Suggestions / what has happened to fix the spam , jpm
« on: March 24, 2022, 08:40:49 pm »
Please see the thread at,6833.msg49339.html#msg49339
You said that you found the reason and fix would be available as soon.
But I still receive all your emails as spam.
Probably all will be receiving those in spam folder
I have sent the tracert to the server and if the server belongs to, let me be informed.
the tracert command gives below details

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2    50 ms    44 ms    40 ms
  3    41 ms    46 ms    43 ms  static.ill. [218.248.1
  4     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  6    81 ms    81 ms    82 ms
  7   181 ms   180 ms   181 ms
  8   181 ms   182 ms   181 ms
  9     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 10   271 ms   271 ms   270 ms []
 11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 12   271 ms   271 ms   271 ms []
 13   281 ms   280 ms   281 ms []
 14   277 ms   276 ms   276 ms []
 15     *        *      281 ms []
 16   277 ms   310 ms   276 ms []
 17     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 18     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 19     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 20     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 21   291 ms   278 ms   278 ms []

Trace complete.
hope to receive a reply from you, jpm

Is there any easy way of just adding the service pack 1 windows 7 installation media usb.
I know that there exist some software to do that. But can I do it without any software like command prompt etc.
I tried windows update offline installer before 14.1.2020 when Msoft stopped support to win 7.
But it created problem for me, with some access denied error and updates error.
Probably, any update needs service pack 1, as a pre requisite , I suppose,
So, Is there any easy way of slipstreaming the service pack 1 only in the installation media.

 When your boot process is corrupted, you are given suggestion like using fixmbr, rebuildbcd etc to correct the error. I know that it is startup repair options.
Microsoft also gives the fixmbr and rebuildbcd commands as a workaround this problem . Microsoft says to use the install media or pre installed startup repairs to use those commands.
When we boot via installation media and access the repair the computer and go to command prompt, the directory it shows, is x:\source , which means that we are using the files in the installation media. By evoking these commands, how the boot folder in the reserved drive would get corrected. Please tell.
Sometimes, there may arise situation, when F8 on boot does not lilst Repair this computer. If the option is not there, microsoft says this is because there is no pre installed start up repairs files installed in the system. How could it be . Is it not a windows install process automatically at the time of installation?
So, does it not suggest that if you get the repair option in the advanced boot menu, then you are invoking these commands, or the system gets the command from the windows reserved partition?
So, my query above,
please give a detailed reply 

Feedback & Suggestions / for kind attention of the admins tim and jim
« on: August 29, 2021, 09:16:51 pm »
Hi, I am a member of this forum for long time.
I notice that all the tweaking com emails are received by me in my spam folder, whereas all were received in inbox previously. Kindly look in to that and correct.
Regarding adding a profile picture, I could not , as I was getting alert, forbidden,
I think the spam filter does not allow me to add.
I am given dynamic ip addresses so there is no chancce of continuous blocking by the spam filter.
I hope that you admins would look in to it.
Shane used to be a regular visitor to this web forum previously years back and I do not know if he visits this forum or not.
I remember him as a guide for my knowledge about basic things in computer .
Ok expecting your replies .

Is Shane still available at this forum or is there any change
I saw tim tweaking as administrator.
Please say , something on this .

General Computer Support / what is the difference between ddns and dns
« on: August 29, 2021, 04:10:26 am »
what is ddns . Is it different from dns .
pppoe is the connection channel mode by the service provider.
what is pppoe1,
I do not find anything about this connection.
what is it, please tell me .
I find pppoe1 in my ddns in router page.
If i select ----in that to disable the ddns, on next router boot, it again gets ticked again.

General Computer Support / are my presumptions correct?
« on: August 14, 2021, 10:17:22 pm »
Hi, I have a dlink 2730u indian model wifi modem router, that supports wifi and it is called N150 , meaning that its speed is 150mbps on wifi.
I get my wifi access thro the lan ethernet connection on wifi support devices.
My presumption:
1. ISP has bandwidth control on the broadband speed with the plan that I select.
2. The router has been connecting the wifi devices  on the access point provided in the  router.
3. Eventhough, the ISP provide access point via the ethernet connection by telephonic wire , he has no control over the wifi speed accessed  with my router.
4. I have a 2.4 ghz speed router, which supports minium speed , and If i change the router to a 5ghz speed router, then i could get more speed on my wifi devices, the dual wifi router would give better speed and area coverage.
5. The ISP has no say on the speed of the wifi and it is entirely controlled by the router wifi power.
Please say, what I have presumed are correct , point by point, so that i will buy a new router that supports 5ghz speed

Hi, I think that SHane , boggins have changed the forum topics to 4 from the previous topics.
where i could find my posts, that i would have suggested as useful tricks or tweaks to other members.
as the topic at present suggest only 4 topics.
were they clubbed under everything else.
please say.
when this new frames were introduced by Shane and Boggins.

Hi, There are methods of integrating and slipstreaming of updates and other fixes like service stack update.
But what i want is , how to post check, if all have gone well
can i check the install wim folder if everything integrated  have been copied to the instllation iso.
one more sub query:
if i install the same to check if every process is correctly going, if by using the virual clone drive by mounting and unmounting, will it affect like rebooting as has been normal while installing windows
can i unmount, the same without any damage to tje exostomg suste,
Cam i just mount and view if the updates are integrated
expecting replies

Hi, If i have corrupted user profile, then there is a possibility of system collpse, including bsod and other kernel errors.
Which repair item in the tool will repair the user profile to remove the bad clusters etc.
just creating and copying, does not seem to fix this corrupted profile.
i do not know, if the correction has been done, without any indication.
if suppose, this feature is not present, i would please reques Shane and boogins team to include this in the repair tool.
if such repair is already present, kindly say which item i have to select.
My OS almost collapse, could not even boot, as i found a alert in suing chkdsk /r, that windows has replaced bad clusters in user/ntuser.dat.i think ntuser.dat is personal comuter settings of the individual about windows behaviour

Hi, some where in the web i read that i could use mcafee antivirus free by going to the mcafee website, clcik my account, and give my email and mcafee password to avail.
i did the same. But i could not get the software download link to install
Hope that boggins give me a solution
i want to switch to alternatives , from aavast, which has comein thenews for data breach recently

Hi, it is weird.
i selected one srt file and edited the contents in notepad and saved the file.
i have changed the font size from default to custom size.
i saved it.
When i open, other text files, notepad does not show normal font size, but changed to the cusomized font for all the files.
why and what is the fix for it

Hi, sometimes when playing the vido in my samsung tv, the video plays well in mp4 format, but the corresponding mp4a or m4a audio is notplaying
To avoid this, i convert the audio part of the vido as mp3, and it converts to mpeg layer 1/2 mpga.
When i change the m4a default to mp3, the audio is playing but with low audio quality.
Is there any fix for that
my tv supports mp4 video format, naturally known as h264 format. is it correct

Hi, I know that it is not a low reputed site.
But clicking tweaking com and then suppoprt forum,i get this alert of low reputation
Did you check
Please write to malware bytes not to block this site.

General Computer Support / How to get suggested youtube videos in english
« on: October 24, 2019, 09:32:45 pm »

When i search a topic, i sued to get youtube videos in english languages. But nowadays , i get Hindi version of suggestion videos in my top search results. The caption or title is in english , but the videos are in hindi, which i do not know.
Could somebody help in fixing this problem.
Is ti search engine google choice or individual choice to see the anguage
i want the videos caption as well as videos explanations also in englishi

Hi, i made settings in Kitty Software in  a such way that it autologs and issue a command to access the status page of my router. My router is designed in such a way.
I have succeeded in creating a task to open the exe in task scheduler daily at requested hours to check the speed and other details of the router stat.
Now i want to know and if possible give me command line help in windows to activate a tab Open or Start automatically to get the task executed.
Now, the appplication opens up as per settings in task scheduler. I have to press open or start to get the result. i want this opetion to be added in task scheduler either in start a program box or in arguments box, so that it executes the next command of open or start to auto execute and get the router page results instead of application open page. i think , i made it clear .
How to execute a tab in an applilcation thro command prompt.

Everything Else / Pleasegive the link of the Shane's other website
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:39:44 am »
Hi, i forgot the link to the other site Shane is having.
Would be happy if the link is given.

General Computer Support / command line batch file help from experts
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:19:15 am »
Hi, i experience sudden change in bb download and upload speeds.
The speed sites are full of redirects virus and unwanted popup of advt.
i tried one way for my router and it gives the status of the router in cmd quickly
 i need not log on to router to give uid and pw
But i want it in a form of batch file, in coding in which i am totally a newbie
The sequence i will explain
i will give it as command in english for easy understanding
go to cmd as administrator
issue command telnet x x x x
i will replace the x x x x with later
it will ask for user id: and it has to take admin as id without pausing
it will ask for password: and i will replace the pass word here with mine
it will go to dollar $ sign
you have to type "show status" without quotes and that should show me the result in desktop  and the user, i, have to close it.
i am asking the code, so that i could enable this bat file in task scheduler to report in intervals
Experts please
I think it is possible to achieve, as what i want is a kind of automation of some entries.
go to cmd as admin involves, may be tough. But experts would be able to give me code for this.
If suppose, if vb is favourite, then i would love to have it.
Quick reply if you please

Hi, whenever i click the link in ccleaner, for eg download, imgburn, download , and speedtest ookla site when pres using GO button, i am redirected to  :angry:to ultimate fake flipkart site, to login, or install java in fake java site,or flash player in fake adobe sites.
first of all, i want to know, whether the redirects are allowed by the site owners of these sites using their own programs to redirect to those sites or
is it because of third rogue party doing something in these genuine sites or
is it because of the Isp allowing those things voluntarily. pl let me know and also give me solution to completely get rid of this .
sometimes, it goes to the site one time or sometimes two times and the third click ultimately goes to the correct page of download or seeing the speed results.
may i have your views on this and solutions

Hi, i . want to upgrade my xp laptop to windows 7. I want to take up backup of all the folders of xp, including all the drives . i have downloaded the latest version of mreflect and is backing up the drive. I think i have to create a rescue disk using a usb to boot and shwo the restore menu.
I forgot, which part of the download link that it provides  the link to create a usb rescue disk.
would it show, when backup finishes, or should i create it separately. I forgot and so i ask.
samson has given me sweet tips then , but i lost the tips.
if any could give the procedure of just creating the resscue disk, and the link for it and how to go on would be very helpful to me.
now i am backing up and if a speedy solution is given it will be useful to me.hoping toget a jet reply from.
could it be done separately or should it be done , if it prompts. please

Hi, I enclose there with the network adapter settings.Normallly these selected items are taken by a software, as otherwise, i have to take each setting picture separately as a jpg.
Ok, To fix the problem of internet light blinking during startup, along with dls light, i tried some changes in the default settings of the adapter. This is the latest available driver from for my network adapter.
Still the problem is persisting, and i want you to check, if i have disabled or enabled correctly. Ofcourse, i made some changes to try to fix my problem.
For eg. some lan settings have been disabled like ipv6 etc..
Can i change the settings here. It is because, of ethernet port, that i am having the problem. ethernet port is connected to motherboard ethernet card, Manual checking of that port does not produce the problem and hence change in the network adapter settings.
I could easilly change those to default, but i have a doubt, that if those default settings are giving this problem, as the driver would be the fresh date whereas the device is of older one.
Please advisse how to go about from here.
are there any specific effects it would have on speed and other things in internet access like security flaw, please experts

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