- Windows Repair (All in One) v1.9.10 Released
Posted on: 07/20/2018 01:40 AM - Windows Repair (All in One) v1.9.10 Released.

Improved the "Repair Windows Firewall". The program use to only restore the core of the shared access service. It didn't put any policies or rules. While helping a user in the forum they had a virus completely delete the shard access service key, including all rules. When the shared access was put back the firewall worked but he was unable to share any files. This is because there is some core things that have to be in the firewall rules in order to work. I have now added those core rules to the repair and it got his file sharing working just fine. This now makes the repair even better than before.

Added some more settings for the "Repair Windows Firewall". While helping a user in the forum the firewall was working but he couldn't get the firewall to open and would get a Group Policy error. While helping him I found the 2 reg keys that where needed to fix it. This keys are only on Vista and 7. They are not on Xp, 2003 or 8. The repair now puts these keys in on Vista and 7 only.

Added Windows Defender to the "Restore Important Windows Services" repair.

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