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Computer Help / Why the internet light in modem becomes red?
« on: August 08, 2017, 04:24:31 AM »
Hi, My internet light occasionally becomes red if i log on to pc , after getting wifi access thro smart phone. When i am using the log on to internet access with wifi , thro the wifi modem and then power on the pc, i get my internet light red. If i use flushdns command of ipconfig then it is becoming green.
                    I know that i could access the wifi in mobile only thro the modem. If i log on to pc, after that, occasionally the internet light becomes red.
                   Wifi access is entirely different and bb access is entirely different. Is it correct? Why this is so? what is the fix

Hi, On the other day, my son in his enthusiasm to gestures, has hard touched the harddisc cabin. After that, reboot system error occurs one or two time and he tried to bang keyboards in his effort to boot up. But totally failed . I just guessed that the connection would have gone wrong and just plug out and plug in the power and data cable connecting the hard disc. Luckily, i got the system to boot up.
                          Frequent power cuts and inadvertant mitake of hitting the cabin thus gave me an idea to look for alternative to t, ake a back up of os and all files, that i have in the pc and laptop.
                           I bought a ext.hdd disk and installed the macrium reflect. What is the diff between cloning and imaging. which is best . What i require is a full back up of os including alll the apps and program and all the files and data to image form and then when hdd is corrupted to restore.
which is best form cloning or imaging. I do not want incremental update of image or any other thing. i want a back up of all os and data on the backup  time and keep it in a separate place to restore back in case of eventuality of hdd fail or corruption.
                              please give the exact link if any available. I am confused with those concept of cloning and imaging. which is best pl

Hi, Everything was fine. I also know that yahoo only allowed already imap/pop configured accounts to imap those to other mail such as gmail. I am having a yahoo ac, which when imapped, with gmail, getting all the mails transfered to gmail and i could look at gmail to open and then send the reply etc. This was working fine. But now, the test message i sent from my own gmail to yahoo , has not been received back by gmail, which was the case before. I could send a test msg thro my gmail, which would be received  by yahoo mail and then as it is imapped to gmail would return the same . This particular aspect is not working. If i go to yahoo mail and then send a mail to gmail, it is being received. pl give solution

How to get protection of DOS attack against updEcho Chargen attack?
I repeat the question to stress that my router logs shown such thing in a normal log. the exact log is
My Router log.Is given below:
DoS: UdpEchoChargen Attack source=foreign ip= destination IsP assigned external ip
The IPs are removed for security purposes. Which are the ports to be blocked in the router. I am having Dlink 2730U india model

Hi, Now only i know that the speed of broadband and wifi are totally different. I thought that the speed of any net acess is controlled by the ISP of the plan rate of the usesrs. But on seeing some articles, i now know that both are different. If BB is speed is controlled by ISP, any device connected it also shares the speed. This was my thinking. But now i know that both are differnet. Who controls the speed of the wifi, is it the vendor of the wifi modem, Dlink ? or any other thing.
Neighbourhood routers may be of differrent brands . I want to know the details about

Hi, Today only i saw the board closure message. Why? this board provide the difficult files missing in the system . please let me know the reason or to the link, it is stated. If you find my question as not proper, kindly delete it moderators

Hi, The question is for my son's laptop. Whenever i am having problems with some hanging, if i go to the task manager to kill the application exe in the tab, there is no application tab, and process tab is present and it shows all the process. It was easy to just kill the application exe , rather than the processes, which may be difficult to find. is there any fix, to restore the default task bar menu in windows xp sp3. i had all updates so far

Hi, whenever , i update or uninstall, the application and microsoft creates system restore points, and i had no failure messages there, it is always with done. But when i try to restore, to a previous point, via SR, it fails with error, not restored to the previous date. i could see the restore points, and if i select another point also the failure . I am having windows 7 ultimate

Computer Help / how change of dns, nullifies the vulnerability
« on: May 20, 2017, 07:31:36 AM »
Hi, Scan with avast wifi inspector. If i use router dns, ie , obtain dns server address automatically, i get vulnerability of dns hijack  in the router , by the scan. They give solution to change the dns in change adopter settings. I changed the dns to google and next to open dns . when i scanned the same pc again, the results show no vulnerability. How, what does that mean? The avast wifi scans the computer and connected device. My pc and other devices are shown as having no vulnerabilites.
Can you say, how , the scan results differ? Moreover, i was shown, hijacked domain as and, which i never visited in my life time. would expert say something on this

Hi, I chanced to see this app , while i was searching for reliable radio app for my android and it is the best app, that i have ever seen. It is radio garden, app from playgoogle, a boon to users of android. Just click the application and it will sprout sound waves and then sprout the fm stations near your place. The radio stations are all shown in the webglobe, as green spots, and you could just click it to hear the programs live from the station you pick. You could thus rotate the whole globe and enjoy all the stations that are listed . May be some fm stations near you are missing , but without hooking head phones to mobile and annoying experience, you just click the station and there the music or dance or speech or whatever being broadcast in the station is live on your hand without any disturbance of sound, as practically all the filtered fm stations do broadcast.
                  i took the trouble of knowing something more and found that two leading app makers have done this wonderful thing by integrating webgl, webglobe , cesium widget, and java programs and android programs to achieve this.
                        I was particularly fed up with radio by samsung, that never picks signals nor performs better. Other apps , they pop up annoying ads and in app  purchase . No extra permissions that introde in to privacy.
                            I for one would loudly applaud the makers of virtual radio stations to be enjoyed by humanity.
                             I expect a word from Shane , Boggin and Samson and other moderators on this app.
                                I think it supports many of the smart mobile phones and i do not know the actual requirements. If your browser is up to date, then you could try.
                                On some of the phones, of older model, this props up error like error constructing cesium widget messages and if these bugs are cleared by the browsers for the supported webgl, cesium widget sites, then you stand a chance to hear the radio stations programs.
                                  The website if click, is known to be under preparation, but the app is ready to enjoy.
                                  The developers of this needs special appreciation, whoever done this wonderful app.
                                   Your mobile lists world radio stations and you hear those programs , which is not possible in any other way. The local fm tunes to the locality only.
                                     It is available for download for android at playstore google

Hi, I do not want normal copy function, but robo copy which maintains the date of folders created in the original date of folder created.
                      I want to copy the contents of the memory card to the pc to be freshly copied to a new mem.card. For this i want to know, or use the full path to execute robo copy command.
                        I tried with the path it shows  on the computer address bar, or folder bar. Nothing works.
Any body knows the trick to know the full path of the contents of memory card in a smart phone. The mem.card is showing my phone name as folder and contents of device storage and memory card storage folders inside

Hi, This is automatic feature in nokia older phones. Whereever you go, it will show the address of the cell tower connected to your phone with the service provider. I now bought j2 pro samsung galaxy. i have cell broadcast on in the settings, but it gives a message of the address , as one sms on reboot . It does not show, it in home screen as i used to get.
                          Is there a widget that could do that. Normally, apps from play google shows the id, and all the other particulars but not the address , which is the tower information. Location tab gives you, the place where you are and not the cell tower address.
                                 Luckily i have cell broadcast settings in my message settings menu. Why only sms , instead of showing it always. Is there any restrictions.
                                 Will i get the other tower signals when i move on as another sms . If there is a widget, pl let me know

Computer Help / Advice on using thunderbird mail client
« on: December 02, 2016, 08:09:04 PM »
Hi, I am having avast free, which is having quite no of checks including av, mail etc. I enabled all the settings in my avast settings to scan and certify the emails  as containing no virus with their symbol. Even after enabling those, i could not see anything in the messages i sent or received.
                     On contacting them, they say it would work only on mail client and not on webmail such as yahoo or gmail.Then i knew the difference and i do not want to use outlook as it swallows all the mails stored in mail.
                       I would ask whether thunderbird is an alternative client, which i can use to send and receive the gmail. I had not tried it so far, as i thought that it is also  like gmail.
                       I also heard that you could view the contents of email offline in thunderbird.
                       Would you please advise me, whether i could download thunderbird and how to have the gmails not swallowed, but could be managed with thunderbird, so that i could eable avast email scan settings to enable to scan for virus and certify.
                        I used outlook and now i never use it . Please say about thunderbird and mail storage without loosing my mails in webmail gmail or yahoo.

Hi, Ipconfig lists the default gateway and subnet mask. But what should be done to know the inner address of the gateway, sub gateway etc of the ISP.
              to put it simply, how to know the inner dns address of the router. I forgot the admin user and password. what this nslookup do. If i use the command at cmd, it lists unknown and give my router page ip correctly. Is there any problem . How to rectify this error server unknown, and gives the correct ip of my ISP gaeway

Computer Help / how to copy the contents on cmd screen to a text file
« on: November 26, 2016, 10:00:16 PM »
                    Surfing the net does not solve the problem as trying of commands give error syntax errors. Plwase say, how to accomplish this in command prompt. you would have made some commands and the result entries would have shown something. I want all the contents , scrolled and available to be copied to a text file in command prompts

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