Unhide Non-System Files

Note This repair is no longer updated or supported but is updated as part of Tweaking.com.

Using these legacy apps is at your own risk because of possible registry changes in modern operating systems.

1.9.10 – For all versions of Windows

Some new viruses hide every single file on the system. Unhide Non-System Files will unhide every file that is not a system file.

Unhide Non-System Files checks the attributes of each file, and if it is hidden and not a system file, it will unhide the file. This way, system files, such as desktop.ini and such, usually stay hidden.

Shane Croft

Shane Croft

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Shane is the former creator of most Tweaking.com tools.He’s been addicted to Windows computers since 1995, but still craves to learn Linux and Apple as well. Highly experienced in Visual Basic 6 since 2000, Shane Croft moved to .NET and developed several other tools such as CleanMem, PortForwarding, Simple Ping and more. Find more about him at www.pcwintech.com/about

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