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General Computer Support / Re: How do I get .bat file to run
« on: September 10, 2014, 05:27:46 AM »
Hi, Please make this as solved thread

I don't see that option in the tools.

You could try changing the DNS servers to Google but first try these commands as an admin from the command prompt -

netsh winsock reset catalog
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

Now reboot.

If there's still problems run an anti malware scan, then run this MS Fixit  to reset the Hosts file as it can sometimes become corrupt either through an infection or just Windows.

Going to the computer or motherboard support site and downloading the graphics drivers can sometimes resolve the stretched screen, but had you hit any keys that could have changed the resolution ?

Sometimes pressing CTRL+0 can normalise a screen.

Also go into Device Manager/Display adapters - right click on the adapter then select Properties and check its status to see if it's working properly.

General Computer Support / Re: How do I get .bat file to run
« on: September 09, 2014, 04:22:45 PM »
I wouldn't know how to do that - but will take your word for it  :smiley:

General Computer Support / Re: How do I get .bat file to run
« on: September 09, 2014, 02:13:02 PM »
I think most of what is in the bat file is already in the WR.

You can post it if you like and I can double check :-)


Open the link that I'd posted then scroll down the page - it's quite a long list of commands.

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:30:32 AM »
I don't think Citadel is stopping connectivity as it requires that to spread its malevolence.

Subsequent anti malware scans have found no sign of that or any other infection and while his ISP could block his connectivity because of it, as other machines are working okay, I'm not sure if they could have blocked just this computer's MAC address - which is why rhuffman needs to contact his ISP to see if it's still broadcasting Citadel.

Because other machines can connect, then this would normally eliminate the router - and it's assigning a DHCP address anyway.

Without going back through the thread, I don't think we've tried running IE without add-ons yet, but as there's some sort of connection with bitcomet (although I'm not familiar with it) then it's not likely to be a malicious add-on

There's one thing that an infection can do and leave after it has been removed and that is to corrupt the Hosts file, but MS has a Fixit to reset that back to default, which can be downloaded and copied across - so that is something else to try.

General Computer Support / Re: How do I get .bat file to run
« on: September 09, 2014, 12:19:44 AM »
Fixed it.

Decided to recreate it and when saving it as a .bat, noticed it was saving it as the default .txt file - so changed that to All Files with the dropdown and when I looked at it in My Docs, it was now showing as a batch file and double clicking on it got it to work as I thought it should have, without having to go through the methods suggested in the article.

Would this batch file be too big a fix to add to WR ?

General Computer Support / (Solved) How do I get .bat file to run
« on: September 08, 2014, 04:47:43 PM »
I came across and copied & pasted the batch commands in the article into Notepad - gave it a name and .bat as an extender, but I'm unable to execute it by the methods suggested in the article.

Safe Mode/Command Prompt doesn't recognize it as a valid command and Task Manager cannot find it even when I type in the full path for a new task.

Decided to stick it on a disk to see if it would execute when booted with it, but ImgBurn couldn't find it in My Docs and I could no longer see it listed either through the Browse, but it's still listed when I view My Docs normally.

Any ideas ?

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 08, 2014, 03:34:15 PM »
I think rhuffman is just using bitcomet as an alternative means of connection as the original problem was that Citadel was being broadcast from his IP address on one computer.

General Computer Support / Re: Firefox blank video window
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:10:13 AM »
Given the number of threads you have open, could you mark those as Solved which the reformat has fixed and then we'll know that it's job done for those.

General Computer Support / Re: IE browser 11 Error Messages
« on: September 07, 2014, 01:25:28 AM »
Work your way through these steps to see if they help

any alternative before Uninstaller any of this  :wink: :) -)

If a program is suspect and can't be disabled during a clean boot (which some security programs can't be), then uninstalling is a normal diagnostic step.

General Computer Support / Re: How To Erase Files From a CD-RW Disc ?
« on: September 07, 2014, 12:57:50 AM »
Hey Boggin, What is the best "burning program" in your opinion?

While I have Nero preinstalled on this laptop (which I've never used), other than the Win 7 USB/DVD burner I've used to create Win 7 Install disks - I find ImgBurn very easy to use which also has a variable speed setting, but it normally defaults to the slowest which gives best results.

This isn't the author's site, but from FileHippo you don't have to worry about it including any PuPs.

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 06, 2014, 07:08:42 AM »
I forgot to ask if you could also run the command route print and post the output of that as well.

Looking at the ipconfig /all of the good computer, it looks as if that has had connectivity problems as well, as Windows creates a MS ISATAP adapter whenever it has problems getting an Internet connection - which is why there are quite a few duplicated ISATAP adapters.

At your leisure on the good machine, go Device Manager/View/Show hidden devices/Network adapters then right click on all but the original ISATAP and select Uninstall.

There won't be much point in doing that on the affected computer yet, but I noticed there weren't as many duplicated ISATAP adapters on that one as there were on the good one - which could either mean that Windows was able to connect or that function was no longer working ??

Were you able to run the ESET and/or the .NET Framework Repair Tools and have you contacted your ISP yet to see if you are still broadcasting Citadel.

As a DHCP IP address has been assigned to the Network adapters and that you can't still connect in Safe Mode with Networking, would suggest a firewall and the only firewall still active in that mode is Windows Firewall.

Depending upon the results of ESET, .NET and your ISP, you may be able to play around with the firewall settings, but I'll leave Shane to advise on those.

Probably best to create a restore point first should Shane wish to eliminate the firewall as the cause.

I don't think at this point it is worth assigning a static IP address, but MAC Filtering in the router for the affected computer could be something worth looking at where you add its MAC address to the filter, which is sometimes a requirement for Internet connectivity but being able to ping Google throws a lot of diagnostics out of the window.

This program has had some success if none of the above have restored connectivity - thing is, it doesn't tell you what it has fixed when it has and we would still be in the dark

IE is part of Windows and can be "uninstalled" by going into Programs and Fearures/Turn Windows features off or on and uncheck its box, but it's best to install another browser before doing this as you will lose all access to the Internet.

Reset IE to defaults first also before you uncheck its box, reboot then go back into features and recheck its box.

You haven't said which version of Windows you are using but for Win 7 go Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) and IE should open to tell you are using it without add-ons.

Click on the home page icon to see if it remains stable then.

If IE is still unstable then boot the other browser you have installed and download/run

If IE works okay without add-ons then you will need to uncheck all of them and recheck one at a time until the problem reoccurs.

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 05, 2014, 01:29:01 PM »
That is the puzzler  :smiley:

I'd like to see the info I've requested but also wondering if creating a Kaspersky Rescue Disk on the working machine and letting it have a look at the files.

It may be able to get an Internet connection to update itself when you wire up but it should have sufficient in its armoury to scan for any infection.

Not sure if you could boot up the working machine with it and let it update itself on that and then boot up the affected machine with it, but once you start the Scan C: you are stuck with it until completion and that scan took a little over 9hrs on this laptop and then initiated a chkdsk /f.

If you've gotten rid of Citadel somehow but it has left some files damaged, then this ESET Tool could repair/replace those

After a bit more brain storming, here's a couple of more things to check -

Go into services.msc and check that Base Filtering Engine is showing as Started and Automatic (this is one of the services that ESET repairs)

Also check that IP Helper is showing as Started and Automatic - also that IPsec Policy Agent is Started and Manual.

I think I once came across where .NET Framework was causing a problem so download/Save the repair tool and copy it across to the affected machine where it can then be executed

General Computer Support / Re: Blue screen
« on: September 05, 2014, 04:06:00 AM »
Tap F8 (usually) as you switch on and using the cursor keys select Disable automatic restart on system failure and press enter.

This will allow you to read the Stop Error Code.

You could also try Last Known Good Configuration as well.

Laptops tend not to have this but with a desktop, tap F2 (usually) to go into the BIOS and check the temperatures.

Also if you have an external HDD connected when you boot up or a DVD left in, then they should be removed as that can confuse Windows as to which to boot from.

If you can boot up into Safe Mode with Networking, that would tend to point to your Graphics.

If you can boot up okay in Safe Mode etc. and the temps don't display in the BIOS, then download HWMonitor which will give you that info - or you may be able to copy it across from another machine.

Also if Safe Mode with Networking works okay then go to the computer or motherboard support site and download the Chipset/Video drivers, but the Stop Error Code will better pinpoint the problem.

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 05, 2014, 03:40:48 AM »
In Event Viewer when it has read the logs, you will have listings for Critical, Error and Warnings etc.

Click on Error then on View All Instances of These Events in the right pane.

Clicking on each that are listed will produce a brief description in the lower window - check to see if any relate to connectivity and let us know what they are together with the Event ID No. if any.

On the affected computer open a command prompt and enter ipconfig /all then right click in the text area and click on Select all then press enter.

Open Notepad or Wordpad and paste the output into there and Save_as then copy that across to your working computer and copy & paste into the reply box.

Can you also run the ipconfig /all command on your working computer and note that the preferred IP address for whichever adapter you are using for the Internet on that one is not the same as either of the Wireless or Ethernet of the affected one.

If you are getting a DHCP address assigned on the affected computer, then you can try assigning the affected computer with a static IP address for it either in the router or in the computer's TCP/IPv4 Properties - but we'll need to see the output of the ipconfig /all first.

As you are able to ping then you could try using that DNS address in the computer's TCP/IPv4 Properties.

Check the radio button for Use the following DNS server addresses and enter an 8 into each of the boxes in the top row and then into the lower row - check the box for Validate settings upon exit - OK - Close and that should activate the Troubleshooter - let us know if that reports anything other than couldn't find a problem and then reboot.

Can you also check back with your ISP to see if they can still detect Citadel from your IP address.

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 04, 2014, 04:56:14 PM »
Article on the Virtual WiFi Mini Port Adapter, but you can disable it if you aren't going to use it as it can sometimes cause connectivity problems, but never has done for me.

You just enter tracert at the command prompt instead of ping and it lists the Hops it would take to resolve the address - give it a try with - it takes 11 hops for me from the UK to resolve with a ping of 30ms but as you are much closer it won't take so many.

There's one other thing that you can try and that is to right click on either the LAN and/or Wireless adapters in Network and Sharing Center/Change adapter settings (depending upon what you have enabled) and select Properties then uncheck the box for TCP/IPv6 - OK - Close then reboot.

Is what you posted about Server what was in Event Viewer or when you clicked on it in services ?

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 04, 2014, 04:16:11 PM »
Have you run the sfc /scannow yet - and what did Event Viewer have on Server etc. ?

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 04, 2014, 03:28:54 PM »
Does Event Viewer say why Server was not started or for any similar services and were you able to start it ?

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Installer Service
« on: September 04, 2014, 02:28:19 PM »
There could be something related in Event Viewer which could give more info, but HP has an article on this which may apply to you which is linked from but MS has an auto Fixit which may sort the problem if the above doesn't apply -

I don't know if this Fixit does the same as the previous one linked, but you could give that a try if none of the previous suggestions work.

General Computer Support / Re: vista home edition system restore fails
« on: September 04, 2014, 08:00:17 AM »
I've been using Norton 360 for nearly 5 year and it has kept me safe.

Norton used to slow things down but it has been improved over the years.

I once uninstalled Norton and installed MSE - which is supposed to be lightest of all on resources and I didn't notice any difference in performance.

For Process Explorer to have snagged Norton for Rod, then it must have become buggy which it can do if there's been a buggy Definitions update or one of the infections has disrupted its install, but a Remove & Reinstall would fix that.

It would have been interesting to know what ESET and Combofix had found and removed as Norton is normally pretty good at keeping things out, although no AV program is 100% effective and we don't know Rod's browsing habits.

General Computer Support / Re: Cannot get access to the internet
« on: September 04, 2014, 02:09:13 AM »
It could be the services are playing up, but open a command prompt as an admin and run sfc /scannow to see what that reports.

Event Viewer should also have some info on what is happening.

Also check that all your Network Services are Started.

Go Start, type services.msc then press Enter.

Their startup type should be Automatic or Manual.

COM+ Event System
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wired Autoconfig is set to manual.
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations only)
WLAN AutoConfig (Vista/7 wireless configurations only)

If a service is not running, click on it to highlight then click on Start (top left).

If it fails to start then right click to open its Properties and check the Dependencies and that each of them are running.

Any of the Dependencies not listed in Services can be found in Device Manager/View/Show hidden devices/Non Plug and Play drivers and they may have a yellow alert against them.

Usually if any do have a yellow alert, some can be uninstalled by right clicking on them and selecting Uninstall and they will reinstate on the reboot, but if you need to do this, create a restore point first should they not auto reinstate and check that the restore point has been created.


General Computer Support / Re: vista home edition system restore fails
« on: September 04, 2014, 01:23:40 AM »
I use Norton 360 usually without any problems, but I don't use any other AV program with it.

While it appears you can run Avast with other AV programs because Avast doesn't have its own firewall, running two AV programs together can cause problems.

When you open Norton (although don't know which version you are using), click on Support and it will run a check on its installation and look for any other problems.

Process Explorer doesn't flag Norton for me and I think I would prefer Norton to Avast.

Symantec have a Remove & Reinstall tool which you can also use if Norton has become buggy.

Once it has fully reinstalled and activated the product, you need to manually check for updates (at least I do) until you get the non needed.

If you are intent on removing Norton then use the NRT to ensure all of it is gone.

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