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Hi, I bought hp 2130 all in one printer and , it came with a origianl cartridge. But the i nformation from the hp site shows differrence in printing pages capacity between original and next to buy, recycle cartridge. What is the difference and why?

               I almost ordered a hp laserset printer and it is just a thought that laser is in the name. Surfing the net , shows that laser emits rays that cause problems for lung and also parts of skin. The survey by environment specialists made HP to acknowledge the risk of particulate it creates, and also the at the time of mixing of granules inside the toner.
                  HP while acknowledges and says that it has appointed experts in this field for their support technology, also advised the consumers to reduce some specifications in their settings to 75 percent from 100 percent. Needless to add more
                    Now , May i get clues regarding using of Epson ecotank printer of uk, and the name of the printer that suits home users. The pages the inktank print and all that.
                    Should we disconnect the eco tank while not printing? say for few days.

                      As it is attached to the printer, i think , that no refill of cartridges are needed  and also there is no clogging of ink in the nozzles to dry the surface is present here. It is freedom from clogging of ink , i suppose. Please confirm this with your remark.
                       What is the price of base model in Rupees ?
                        I think it is a kind of storing ink outside the pinter or included and hidden within the printer. Pl confirm? Then how it works, if one is to understand it correctly without technical parlance?
When the use of ink in the jar is reduced , how it is getting filled to and to go to the printing surface , pl experts.

Hi, my printer does not print . Whenever i insert the printer usb as a check, Usb malfunctioned and does not recognize message would popup. I will try to update the drivers, but it will say, driver is upto date.
                 I thought of replacing the device with a new printer cable usb.
                   Still , the same message does popup.
                      as the power to the printer comes, i thing that there is no problem with the power adapter, attached to the printer. How to get rid of it .                 
                           Moreover, when i went to printers page, it shows, the device is ready and online.
                           How to know the unknown device? Is it printer or some other things. But whenever i try to print, the print job would not finish. I had to use stalled printer repair to clear the spool files pending there. Is there any clue . Today, i changed the printer cable and when tried to plugging out and plug in then the usb malfunctioned popups again.

Hi, Please see this Ask Leo link
                   and ponder over,
                         and over the hap tactics

           When i clicked the usual site in my google browser, i could not log on to the page. I was getting server not found error for few minutes. I tried all the browsers and all says the same message . What has happened?

Everything Else / wiseold sayings is really a web page to visit
« on: May 12, 2016, 11:11:46 pm »
I came to this site by luck and would love  all to visit and go through the wise old sayings on different categor connected with human life
enjoy . the link is

Hi, ofcourse, i have wireless on both pc and laptop. pc has one wifi adapter and laptop having inbuilt wifi adapter, hardware.
                       Now can i fetch the files in laptop and browse and open and edit in pc. What is the simple procedure that i need to have this enabled.
                       can i access the dvd drive of the laptop in windows 7 and viceversa. There are some articles denoting sharing... But my confusion prevents me from attempting.
                        my pc has lan and laptop has wifi connection. My laptop has also a disabled Lan connection, a red cross in the system tray at the laptop.
                         my pc has win 7 and laptop has winxp

                             is it possible, if please give it in simple form without disturbing more hardware.

                Now the pc would not shut. I have to power off focibly. While shutting down, it is swirling round, and stops at the middle , just hanging. waiting for minutes to resume shutting down, fails.
please give a solution. Hotfix from microsoft does not solve the problem

hi, if one forgets the active passwords of their wifi, there are tools to recover it in windows seven. but in xp, eventhough there are some tools , it could not correctly change to text . why, even when online tools are failing in this regard.
                           if you attempt, thro online, then ofcourse, it does the work , but the resultant output in entire machine language, which no one could decipher.
                           is there a way to read the hexadecimal manually. normally it stores as sixty four digit, could you throw some light on how to decode these hex codes. i did not find any useful link to accomplish this task.
                         is it correct that hex is a two digit code, that has to be decoded. pl enlighten , experts

Hi, Normally my service provider provide 2mb speed upto one gb browsing, come to nearly 203 kb for second. being the second day of the month, this limit has not been reached. when i test the speed with the service provider link, it shows the speed i mentioned above.
                          But , when i check the speed status of the network,it shows only 54kb per second in the system tray in wireless network connection icon, the packets show in less numbers. i am browsing now thro the wireless connection thro laptop.why, when i check with the same status, in my desktop computer ,is showing good number of packets in,ethernet connection in  and out,but not the same in my xp laptop i having wireless connection. i will enclose the speed in my next post.

Hi, it was not known what made this change. I have not made any change in the command prompt. Ofcourse, i am trying some fixes for cd drive, which is not recongnizing. How to get back my normal command prompt, just a horizontal blinking cursor. immediate cure will be appreciated.

hi, i noticed a strange thing. when connected with router thro lan, the pc is having great speed, that my ISP provide, but if i just use the modem wifi to the laptop thro wifi the speed suddenly decreases . Is it a fact that when you connect to modem with pc, your normal speed prevails and when you access the same with another device, say , a laptop, the speed differs. pl your view

             i am having the sp3,for which the fix is required. is there any idea of  how to workaround in this tight spot. it is a fix to recognise the older dvd drive failing to read the dvd formats.please

General Computer Support / So, prescan is for version after xp?
« on: April 02, 2016, 07:07:21 pm »
Hi, I think that prescan of xp is not possible for xp version.
             is the presumption correct. all other repairs are valid for xp. and if one selects, some repairs meant for higher versions, (selection of all repairs at the top) it will pass those to repair the remaining repairs?

Hi, Now the updates are downloading. but when i prefer a cd dvd msoft fixit, it shows a preparing to load , ultimately gives a failure message that it could not continue with error code 80072f8f error. But, there was a message to use a utility , when downloaded gives a cab file. when i double click on it, it opens with notepad as if to view only. How to open cab files to get the solution i needed. the open notepad is full of machine languages and would not work. which programs should i use it to open and how to install cab fies to get the desired effect of fixit.
                             why fix it not working, eventhough, i included all the required websites in trusted zone in internet explorer. I tried by downloading the fix it thro ie . It also gives the same error. would i expect a quick response to this query

Hi, Windows 7 have trouble shooter and you could fix many things . Windows xp only has add and remove program. Would all the programs, if click uninstall would alert repair or uninstall , so that uninstall could be avoided.
                For some programs, if there is no change, or repair is not available , how to repair those installation. There are programs which would have been installed at the time of buying , which would not be available for ready downloads. For ex. If you buy hp laptop, they give preinstalled programs of which would not be available even at their site. For example, a nero program preinstalled while it is bought, would not be available. But if repair action is available , it may be able to repair from the installed position at windows xp. I do not know much, but please tell me the cure.
                  Would all programs pop up change or uninstall menu, if you go to add and remove programs? Ofcourse, i had done minimum repairs on the system with windows repair tool.
                       Some programs do not run and popup error message like , unresponsive programs and windows have encountered some problem and need to close. Usually i have this in internet explorer. But few programs do pop up this kind of error message. What is the fix, could i repair those programs , without uninstalling

                     I had problem with mouse vanishing and nothing could be done stage. i thought that it is mouse problem, but not knowing that it is a cat problem.
                       I had tried all sorts of tricks, and the mouse vanishing trick by computer started happening without user request or consent.
                       I thought of repairing, but that could not be done.
                       i received errors so i thought of formatting my c: drive and then check it. In the first attempt, i failed to format the drive, but deleted the drive and started installing win 7.
                         There was some problem of hanging when i try to browse. Since i had not formatted, i tried again to install after deleting and formatting. I did notice a strange behavior . When i used the more options, i saw, some 2 extra drives of 1.0 size to the top and bottom of the  c: drive. I just ignored and then reformatted the c: drive.
                         Everything went well with expanding and then installing while configuring the windows, on second boot by install process, the computer hanged at mobo logo with no signs of any movement.
                        I had this on previous occasion, where i had lost the contents of new hdd.
                        so, i tried to unplug and replug the pata tape connections both at mobo side and hdd side. After replacing the pata with my available pata tape, i could get it past the mobo logo and then i got reboot select disk... error, clearly showing the hard disk is not recognized error.
                          i tried mobo battery change and shortcircuiting the mobo battery to get the default bios settings. First i got a: error and after disabling diskette floppy, i get the reboot error.
                            i thought of replacing the new hard drive, but i had the doubt about power connection to it. so, i called a tech guy , who had said that the correct wire type on smtp middle connections would do no harm to hard disc. Now, i am having the new hdd with os installed.
                           Now, the Title subject comes. Why it is always on install that i ultimately loose the contents and loose the total hard disk.
                             Do any body have any idea why it occurs. I heard about some sata pata settings, but my mother board has an enhanced ide/ata settings which were enabled as default. So there is no change in bios settings.
                              There is no explanation in seagate site about this kind of problem.
                              Why it is always at install and after first reboot during the install process?

Hi, recently i have changed the laptop dvd driver and it is optiarc dvd and it was working , with opening and closing. there was no sound problem, which was the reason for the change of dvd.
                    But now when i try to burn the iso, both by nero and imgburn, i get verified error on both. while imgburn classified it as layouts do not match error. nero says it as verified failed error. i do not know, why.
when i try to download microsoft fixit and run it, it also reported error that it could not and say error code  , says date synchronizing error with international time.i do not know. when i did select update time, it says it could not due to some error.
                   I am enclosing the nerolog with a registry key security at the last line

Hi, I have windows 7. I do not want to upgrade to windows 10. May i have the list of updates, which should not be updated and made to be hidden to be not to be alerted about win 10. I would love to , but my old computer does not support even win 8. Hence I ask. Please give the kb nos

Hi, It is a peculiar problem no body should have.
I have copied the contents of the pendrive to a folder created in a local drive.
After formatting, the same to ntfs, while i try to copy the contents, that it had , strange things were noted.
First all the folders and subfolders date changed to date.
I want original date to be maintained.
What is happening. I have formatted the pen drive before copying.
what would have been the cause? How to rectify it.
The copied items are showing the original dates both on folders and subfolders and files. pl

Hi, It is nothing secret, that ISP gives global ip to its users, and users without any fault on their side, sometimes get the message, that your ips is blacklisted by ... sites, and please answer this question in some sites, and without getting any solution in some other sites.
                    I mean, due to the risk of having static ips, no user prefers static ips, and prefer dynamic ips. But the user is not having any control on the global ips alloted to them during different log in session.
Moreover ISPs normally do not give that much importance to the blacklisted ips, from which spam message flood and spam sites black list them.
                   So for some third parties play, the genuine users are affected .
                   Is there a way out, or software, which would alert one of blacklisted ips or genuine ips. I do not know, if the crooks , will change those also from time to time in an effort to be invisible.
                 Please give me the solution;
                 To become a member of spam filter sites, also a problem because it does not direct to their original sites, but neighbouring state sites, which we do not know anything and also it involves the IP given by ISP

           While i understand the ads pop in this site, this ad is menacingly occupies and alerting you to book, something, and not showing the usual view, when one comes to the post.
 Please see, and take necessary action at your end.
              This lufthansa ad is occupying the full page, and if you go to the top or bottom, you cannot see anything othr than this ad

Hi, have downloaded and run the acronis monitor.
                          It popped up a low risk volsnap id33 which says,
The oldest shadow copy of volume C: was deleted to keep disk space usage for shadow copies of volume C: below the user defined limit.
                          I remember a repair on shanes, AIO which i did . how to check whether the problem is gone. I could see the log, that says the service was not running and it  was repaired and started.
                           Would anybody give an elaborate reply on this. Because, without knowing, when i was hearing a audio song, suddenly BSOD with volsnap. appeared and i had to reboot the system.
                               Does the c: message by itself means, that c: is having less disk space. or some other thing.
                               If a service was not started, then event to the occurance could not be there, is my assumption. Please experts.
                               Is it related to SR function. pl

                It seems that windows firewall default settings do allow a kind of leak that may be vulnerable to attacks.
                  It is also very tough to actually configure the firewall , by choosing while and black list.
                   It is said that zone alarm free is some what better configured to prevent data leak .
                   can i use this tool free with windows firewall. Will it disable the windows firewall, if i use the zone alarm? please your opinion

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